Weedflower Melody
Faces of Injustice, Faces of Freedom

Lyrics by Suzy Red, Melody by Ted Newman

Spoken Verse 1:
Even before we entered the War,
We were knocked
Down to our knees.
Japan, Germany, and Italy
Chose our land to seize.
If the Axis won this Great War,
The United States was gone.
Night would fall on our great land,
And freedom could not dawn.

Spoken Verse 2: (Chapters 1-5)
On a California flower farm,
Sumiko worked and grew.
Then bombs fell on Pearl Harbor.
Winds of fear around her blew.
She became another victim.
War is cruel, that way.
It took her from her home and kin,
Her life was changed that day.

Verse 3: (Chapters 6-12)
Old Jiichan, her grandfather,
And Uncle Hatsumi, too,
Were taken to North Dakota
Where other cold winds blew.
Sumiko and her other folks
Were housed in a horse's stall,
But that was just their first stop.
It was smelly, dark, and small.

Freedom's grown
From courage,
Freedom's grown
From sacrifice.
Freedom's grown from all of us
Who stand to pay its price.
Look into the faces,
They're free and strong, you see.
They're the faces of America
They know freedom isn't free.

As students read, they should add lyrics to complete this ballad.

Weedflower Song being sung by Ted Newman

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Inspired by Weedflower by Cynthia Kadohata
from The Ripple Effect, © Suzy Red, March, 2007, Lockhart, TX

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