Title:  (by YOU) ___________________________
Chapter 1
by Suzy Red

    Crunch!  Sarah Beth's  tiny crystal unicorn crumbled beneath a filthy sneaker.   Our classroom inhaled all the air in the room in one coordinated gasp. We knew that Sarah Beth had brought it for her special report on mythical creatures, and now we watched in horror as another piece of our class crumbled beneath the chaos that surrounded Bammy Borjamus.  Before Bammy clonked in the week before, our class had started out with clean, normal, ordinary kids. 
     "Waaaaaa!"  Sarah Beth's scream was like fingernails on our chalkboard.  Everyone scrambled to retrieve shattered pieces of her treasured jewel as Ms. Lufemlots grabbed a handful of tissue to dam the flood of tears.
    Meanwhile, I sat in the corner, watching the chaos from over the top of my book.  Increduously, Bammy was crawling over toward our teacher's desk! I couldn't believe what I was seeing!  He took a permanent red marker out of her desk and began to write dirty words on her new white leather jacket that was hanging on her chair.  Someone had to do something!  I jumped up and ran to the desk.
     "Stop that!" I growled, snatching the marker from his grimy hands that were decorated with filth under each fingernail as if he had been scratching in a pig pen.  His eyes narrowed as he slunk back to the ground and crawled off in the other direction.  I just stood there, marker in hand, gaping at Ms. Lufemlot's leather jacket. 
     Suddenly, a quiet bomb fell on the classroom.  I looked up to see every eye on me!  Uh, oh, I whispered to myself as my teacher began to walk toward me.

Chapter 2
by YOU!


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