World War I Bibliography

Vanderpool, Clare, MOON OVER MANIFEST, (KS), 4-12, 368 pages, historical fiction, 2011 Newbery Medal. The Great Depression and World War I become entwined in a young girl's search for answers about her father.

Debon, Nicolas. A BRAVE SOLDIER. IL K-3, RL 4.8, 32 p., fiction, 2002. This is a Canadian book about a Canadian soldier and the "realities of war." (Reviews in SLJ, BL).

Granfield, Linda. IN FLANDERS FIELDS: THE STORY OF THE POEM BY JOHN MCCRAE. IL 3-6, RL 7.6, 32 p., 811, 1996, 1995. Also Canadian. McCrae was a Canadian medical officer in Flanders. (Many reviews, incl. SLJ and starred review in BL) I ordered this book for a teacher in my school who needed WWI books, and that was when I discovered that there were very few of them. This is a good one.

Houston, Gloria. THE YEAR OF THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS TREE: AN APPALACHIAN STORY. IL K-3, RL 3.8, 32 p., fiction, 1988. This was a Texas Bluebonnet nominee 13-14 years ago. It's a story of the folks left behind when Papa leaves for war. (Many reviews, incl. BL and starred one in SLJ)

Ingold, Jeanette. PICTURES, 1918. IL Gr. 5-8, RL 7.3, 152 p., fiction, 1998. Coming of age story in rural Texas during WWI. I thought this was a wonderful book, reminiscent of MacLachlan's JOURNEY. It has a rather terrifying scene at the beginning where a pet rabbit dies in a fire. (Many reviews, incl. SLJ and BL, and starred one in Kirkus)

Kinsey-Warnock, Natalie. THE NIGHT THE BELLS RANG. IL Gr. 3-6, RL 5.6, 76 p., fiction, 1991, 2000. About a Vermont farm boy in 1918, and an older bully who goes off to the war. (Reviews in SLJ, BL, HB)

Lawrence, Iain. LORD OF THE NUTCRACKER MEN. IL Gr. 5-8, RL 5.2, 212 p., fiction, 2001. About an English boy whose father is fighting on the front. I have not read this book, but it looks very thought-provoking. (Many reviews, incl. starred ones in SLJ and PW)

Mukerji, Dhan Gopal. GAY-NECK: THE STORY OF A PIGEON. IL Gr. 5-8, RL 5.5, 191 p., fiction, 1927, 1954, 1968. The story of the training of a carrier pigeon & its service during WWI in India, the Himalayas, and in France. (Newbery Award - one of the very earliest, and also only 9 years after the war)

Oneal, Zibby. A LONG WAY TO GO. IL Gr. 3-6, RL 4.8, 54 p., fiction, 1990, 1992. About an 8-year old girl and the women's suffrage movement during the war. From the series, "Once Upon America." (Reviews in SLJ, BL, HB)

Rostkowski, Margaret I. AFTER THE DANCING DAYS. IL Gr. 5-8, RL 5.8, 217 p., 1988. This is another one I haven't read, but that I'd like to. It's about a friendship between a disfigured soldier from the war and a 13-year old girl, and addresses questions about the meaning of heroism and patriotism. (Reviewed in SLJ and BL)

A special thanks to our friend, Lynn Bennett, for her list and comments about each book.

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