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The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins

by Barbara Kerley
and Brian Selznick

Who was the first person to create life-sized models of dinosaurs?  How did he grow from drawing fossils to creating the giants?  Brian Selznik’s illustrations help you see what people had never seen before!

The Ballad of Dinosaur Hawkins from Defeating Giants
Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs

Enchanted Dinosaurs
Dinorama for Kids

Dinosaurs:  Fact or Fiction?

OLOGY from the American Museum of Natural History
Natuurhistorisch Museum

Rocks and Layers

DIG, the Archaeology Magazine for Kids

Animal Skeletons

Archaeology Magazine

Five Points Site

Teacher Vision Dinosaur Resources

Super Sue Meets Super Glue

Poster Analysis

The Kids' Wings lesson plans for The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins contains
The Ballad of Waterhouse Hawkins
Map Activity
Multiple Choice Comprehension
Crossword Puzzle
Archaeological Dig, "Digging Up Treasures"



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