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You can purchase three citizens-in-action units for the 41-pages in activity guides for (2 picture books) Imogene's Last Stand and Grace for President Plus Edwina Victorious (a novel) for immediate download for only $12.95! Click Here to Purchase and Download Now!

Edwina Victorious

by Susan Bonners

How can a young girl who worries about the condition of their city's zoo and its animals expect make important elected officials listen?   Edwina is doubtful that she can, but she just so happens to have the same name as her ninety-year-old, highly respected aunt!  What would be the harm in forging her auntís name on the letters she writes to the mayor?  Would they listen to her concerns then?  Can she get the giant on her side?

The Fisherman's Wife
Texas Legislature On Line--find your representatives' addresses and email!
National Government On Line-find your representatives' addresses and email!
Dog Shelter Logic Puzzle

Biography Clothesline

Field Guides

Popcorn Park Zoo

Visit Some Awesome Zoos

31-pages of activities in paired units for Imogene's Last Stand, now paired with the novel, Edwina Victorious, two excellent books about getting involved in government to stand up for our American Constitutional Rights are now available! Choose PDF or PowerPoint formats easy for lesson planning, handouts, or projection on your SmartBoard for is now available!

The Activity Guide Contains:
Pre-reading Discussion Cards
Dialectical Journaling
Making Connections: Predict & Confirm Chapter Questions
Treasures in the Attic, A Logic Puzzle
Checking Comprehension Multiple Choice
Who are your elected leaders?
Locating Giants
Stones that Defeat Giants
Your Elected Leaders
Celebrating Success: Write a Newspaper Article
Designing a Habitat for a Zoo
Vocabulary Victories, Puns, Figures of Speech
Writing Prompts

Answer Pages



Edwina Victorious is one of the 26 literature guides in Extraordinary Destinations. While you can purchase the individual literature guides for about $12.95, if you order Extraordinary Destinations , you can get the entire collection in a spiral-bound book with CD and site license for one school and pay less than $1 a unit in the collection!


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