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by AVI

Poppy, a little field mouse who lived at the edge of Dimwood Forest he knows very well the dangers of the great horned owl who sits waiting by the light of a full moon. Mr. Ocax is the owl's name. He is determined to catch the Poppy and the other forest creatures that he considered his subjects. Would Poppy be clever enough to outsmart the sharp-eyed owl and save his family? You will love this introduction to the Poppy series. In it you will meet Ereth, the grouchy old porcupine and other endearing forest animals.


Ereth’s Birthday

by Avi

What is poor old grumpy porcupine Ereth Dorsathum to do when his mousie friend Poppy forgets his birthday?  Leave home, of course.  His decision takes him face to face with giants that seeks to destroy animals of the forest.  As old and slow as he is, what will he get for this birthday that will help him defeat these giants?


Ereth's Song--A Kids' Wings Sample from Defeating Giants

Picture of a Young Porcupine Ereth's baby picture!

Field Guides

Adult Porcupine      Ereth

American Porcupine    Scientific Name and Information

Lady Bird Johnson Wildlife Center  Search the online field guides, find detailed species descriptions, then save your own notes in the eNature  Life Lists. 

Rhyme Zone   A Rhyming Dictionary to help you write a ballad

Baby Ereth with his brother and sister

Activities in the Kids Wings Poppy Unit Include:

Seeing the Forest for the Trees: An Overview of Poppy,
Using a Map to Track the Events,
Writing a Narrative Poem or Song,
Making a Mural,
Eye "Poppy" Vocabulary,
Character Collages,
Pronoun Pointers,
T he Real Reason Is (Multiple Choice),
Phenomenal Terminology, (Vocabulary Multiple Choice),
How to Prepare a Readers' Theater Script,
Wisdom, Warnings, and Folk Sayings,
Figures of Speech,
Diamante Poetry,
Pieces of a Puzzle (Crossword)
Weekly Squeaker's Outdated Lessons in History,
Math Connections and Research,
Family Names (A Logic Puzzle),
Building Vocabulary Through Games,
Writing Prompts,
Answer Keys


Activities in the Ereth's Birthday Unit Include:

Thinking Pages (Dialectical Journal),
The Gift of Character,
Predict/Confirm Chapter Questions,
Words Walls,
How-to Present a Readers' Theater,
Multiple Choice Comprehension Pages,
Crossword Puzzle,
3-Page Editing and Revising Exercise,
Animal Tracks Logic Puzzle,
The Ballad of Erethizon Dorsatum,
Research and Sequel,
Homecoming Logic Puzzle,
Writing Prompts,
Answer Keys

You can purchase the 38-page unit for Poppy and Ereth's Birthday for immediate download for only $9.95! Click Here to Download!  


Corrected Pages 16-18
for the Ereth's Birthday Unit
in Treasure Trackers


Poppy was originally printed in Character Connections, Student Units for Award-Winning Books by Suzy Red

Ereth's Birthday was originally printed in Defeating Giants, Student Units for Award-Winning Books by Suzy Red


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