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Fly High!  The Story of Bessie Coleman

by Louise Borden and Mary Kay Kroeger

Kids Wings activities for Fly High, The Story of Bessie Coleman introduce a black pioneer in aviation and George Crum who invented the potato chip, skills sprinkled with character development and problem solving that leads to higher standardized test scores!

Bessie Coleman dreamed of flying an airplane, but could this be anything more than a dream? After all, no other African American had ever been given a pilot’s license before 1921! What happened when she dared to step forward and say, “I can do matter what!” How could she conquer this giant named “It’s Never Been Done” and earn her wings?

The Kids Wings literature guide written by Suzy Red contains comes to you in both PowerPoint and PDF formats for ease and excellence in projection and printing. The activities are fun and highlight important facts, new vocabulary, and problem solving that translates into high test scores. The activities include:

Bingo Comprehension Game
Map Activities
Time Line
Math Activities
Becoming Somebody
Multiple Choice Comprehension Pages
Growing Up, Becoming Somebody Crossword Puzzle
Comparing Books
Answer Keys

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