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Fair Weather

by Richard Peck

When Rosie and her farm family receive invitations to the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago from Aunt Euterpe, the edges of their worlds dissolve. Fancy Aunt Euterpe is in for a shock as her country relatives bring with them challenges to their understanding of their aunt's new culture. What new treasures will spark curiosity, wonder, and awe in the minds of the children? What new inventions are being showcased at the fair? What famous people will they meet? What treasure will they find?  What surprise waits at the end? Fair Weather  transports the reader into 1893, sharing laughter and family fun. 

The Kids Wings Activities for Fair Weather by Richard Peck weave skills, character, and cross-currriculum fun to transform your classroom into a thriving world's fair!


Activities in this Kids Wings Literature Guide include:

Get Ready! Get Set! Using Dialectical Journaling to Develop Independence
Pairing Books
Illustrating the Text
Map Study: Where in the World is Chicago?
Making Changes: Growing Character
Making Connections: Chapter Questions for Prediction Before Reading and Comprehension After Reading
Spider Mapping for Locating Main Idea and Supporting Details
Weathering the Words
Getting to Know the Characters
A Flurry of Activity--Multiple Choice Check-up
Aunt Euterpe’s Letter--Multiple Choice Summary
In a Manner of Speaking--Recognizing Idiosyncrasies in English, Nonstandard English and Standard English
Crossword Puzzle: New Things to See!
Midway Math
Sights We Saw--Revising and Editing a Letter, 3 pages including Multiple Choice Comprehension
Ballad of the Chicago Fair--Using Summarizing Skills to Create Lyrics that Tell the Story
The Midway Plaisance--A Great Logic Puzzle
YOUR State Exhibit--Create a "State Fair" in your classroom
Digging Deeper through Research
Writing Prompts

Thumbnails of the Kids Wings unit:

Research Links:

Order this DVD Now! Magic of the White City: Expo Narrated by Gene Wilder

World's Columbian Exposition of 1893
Scenes from the 1893 World's Fair The Columbian Exposition
Interactive Map of the Midway
Legacy of the Fair
Welcome to the Fair
King of Ragtime, Scott Joplin
  After the Ball
Ragtime Piano
1939-1940 World's Fair
List of Other World's Fairs
The Children's World's Fair

Literature Link:
The Town Mouse 

and the Country Mouse
You can purchase the complete Kids' Wings 22-page Unit for Fair Weather by Richard Peck NOW for immediate download for only $7.95! Click Here.

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DVD Movie which shows much of the Wild West Show, and periods costumes:
Annie Get Your Gun

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