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Any Small Goodness
by Tony Johnston

Living in a Los Angeles barrio may not sound like much fun to you. It probably makes you think of poor people, gangs, and freeway chases, but that's because you haven't yet met Arturo Rodriquez. Arturo is quick to spot any small goodness...and there are many. His family is one small goodness that provides laughter, love, and tradition, and security in a sometimes dangerous world of the Mexican immigrant. There are others...a coach, a librarian, the cat, the band, and hot peppers.

Sprinkled with full pocho (Spanish-English mix), Arturo's story tells of any...and many...small goodnesses that make his life vibrantly alive with respect, compassion, laughter, and dreams for the future. As he travels through his mountains and valleys, he watches for people he wants to be like and ways he, too, can pass on any small goodness to others.

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Any Small Goodness:

Esperanza Rising:

Plus Harvesting Hope

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Literary Connections:

The Upside Down Boy by Juan Felipe Hererra


Spanish--English Songs


(Note about language: on page 81, the gang members say some VERY BAD WORDS in Spanish.)


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  Kids' Wings has created outstanding activities for each novel, units which provide the latest in integrated curriculum.


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