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Arctic Lights, Arctic Nights
by Debbie S. Miller

Month by month, the Arctic changes. From the northern lights to extreme temperature changes to 21 hours of light and dark, the Arctic offers uniqueness! Beautiful descriptions and illustrations accompany each month's documentation of hours of daylight, sunrise, sunset, average highs, and average lows. Here you will meet the beauty of nature and of the living creatures who are specially adapted to live in this extreme environment.

Research Links Arctic Lights, Arctic Nights

What Causes the Seasons?

Arctic Fox

Arctic Animals

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Arctic Wildlife

Journey North

Northern Lights by Calvin Hall

Northern Lights by photographer Sigurdur H. Stefnisson

Northern Lights

Classroom Game: Arctic Tag: Cut out each box. Each student gets a card with an answer and a question.  The student with question Card #1 asks the question.  The student with the answer to that question stands, reads the answer, and asks his question.  The answer to the last question is on Card #1.

Literary Connections:

Akiak by Robert Blake

Togo by Robert J. Blake

The Kids' Wings activity guide for Arctic Lights, Arctic Nights includes:
Note Taking Through the Year,
Understanding the Seasons
A Crossword Puzzle,
Multiple Choice Comprehension,
Writing a Poem for Two Voices,
Authentic Math,
Research and Projects
Answer Keys.

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Arctic Sunset




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