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Award Winning Picture Book Units for 2005-2005
Science/Animal Connections

Internet Extensions: Animals
Mammals at the San Antonio Zoo

Actual Size
by Steve Jenkins

How big is an elephant? What's the biggest thing a Goliath frog can eat? Is your face bigger than the face of a Siberian tiger? Come read this awesome book to see how animals and you compare in size! (Nonfiction, Ages 4-8)

The Sizes of Living Things
Compare the Sizes of Brains
Does Eye Size Matter?

What do you do
with a tail like this?
by Steve Jenkins

Every part of an animal has a different job! If you were a monkey, which part would help you hang from a tree? If you were a horned lizard, which part of you would squirt blood? If you were a cricket, where would your ears be? Come see more than tails! (Nonfiction, Ages 4-8)

Match Animal Tails
All About Animal Tails
Why Do Animals have Tails?

Compare: TAILS

Teeth, Tails, and Tentacles
by Christopher Wormell

This interdisciplinary counting book is also a science book with animals as the center of attention. (Nonfiction, Ages 3-6)

Match Animal Tails
All About Animal Tails
Why Do Animals have Tails?

Magic Thinks Big
by Elisha Cooper

Magic the cat sits in a doorway and considers all the things he could, but can he ever manage to put his thoughts into action? (Fiction, Ages 4-8)

Idea Hatchery
Visualization: Daydreaming with a Purpose
Daydreaming on Paper

Goose Moon
by Carolyn Arden

A grandfather tells his granddaughter that the geese will return with the goose moon. Together they watch for the signs through the winter into the spring. (Realistic Fiction/Moon, Ages 4-8)

Internet Extensions:
Canada Goose
Geese Migration
Snow Geese
Classroom Game on Migration

Kitten's First Full Moon
by Kevin Henkes

Kitten sees the full moon for the first time and thinks it is a bowl of milk. He struggles through the funny story to get it. (Realistic Fiction/Moon, Ages 2-6)

Lunar Phases
Earth's Moon
Lunar Exploration

The Beeman
by Laurie Krebs

Modeled after “The House that Jack Built”, this story tells of a young girl who helps her beekeeper grandfather with his bees and honey. Beautiful and informative! (Realistic fiction, Ages 4-8)

Internet Extensions:
Bee Alert
Insecta Inspecta
Enter the Hive
Wild Bee Honeycomb

by Denise Fleming

Buster is a happy dog until the day a cat moves in. What can he do except run away? What happens when he gets lost? (Animal Fiction, Ages 3-6)

Dogs and Cats who Don't Get Along
DVD Comparison: Dogs and Cats
VHS Comparison: Dogs and Cats

My Lucky Day
by Keiko Kasza

A sly, charming pig turns the wolf’s den into a day-spa to avoid the roaster. At the end of the day, who do you think is exhausted? (Folktale Spinoff, Ages 4-8)

The Original Folktale: The Three Little Pigs
Lesson Plan for Story Comparison
Three Little Pigs Song
What's the Time, Grandma Wolf?

Compare: True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Armadilly Chili
by Helen Ketteman

The Little Red Hen is told in Texas style with Billie Armadilly doing all the work to make chili while the desert critters play. (Folktale Spinoff, Ages 4-9)

Internet Extensions:
Armadillos Online
Armadillo Central

Down on the Farm
by Merrily Kutner

A playful little goat butts into the lives of all of the farm animals. The rhyming text invites audience participation! (Fiction/Farm, Ages 2-5)

Compare: Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep
The Scarecrow's Hat
A Lucky Thing
Millie Wants to Play
The Great Pig Search

Millie Wants to Play!
by Janet Pedersen

Millie the calf wants to play but the “rise and shine” sound hasn’t been heard yet. (Farm, Ages 4-8)

Compare: Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep
The Scarecrow's Hat
A Lucky Thing
Down on the Farm
The Great Pig Search


How Many Kisses Do You Want Tonight?
Varsha Bajaj

Animal parents ask their young how many kisses they want. A special counting book.
(Fiction, Ages 2-5)

Compare: Mommy's Best Kisses

Little Raccoon’s Big Question Miriam Schlein

Little raccoon wants to know when his mother loves him the most. Can you guess his mother's answer?

Compare: Raccoon on His Own

by Jorge Luján

In this 9-line poem, figurative language is born at dawn as the rooster clears the night sky and calls out the day. Beautifully metaphoric with a touch of Spanish woven in.

Bow Wow Wow Meow, It's Rhyming Cats and Dogs
by Douglas Florian

This poetry book is loaded poems about dogs and cats. It will even introduce your youngster to figurative language!

How to Crochet Bookworms





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