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Ghost Fever/Mal de Fantasma
by Joe Hayes

WINNER of the Texas Bluebonnet AwardSM for 2006-2007

What if your father didn't believe in ghosts?

And what if someone had a haunted house, but no one would rent it because of the G-H-O-S-T-S they knew lived in it?

And what if the owner of the haunted house offered free rent for six months if someone would live in it for a year?

And what if YOUR daddy needed to save money and decided to rent the house for YOUR family?

What then?

Would you be brave enough to stay...even after weird things began to happen? Things like...

You might not believe in ghosts, but some people do. You may even know someone who has seen a ghost! After you read this creepy story, you might start seeing ghosts, too!

Pair up with a Spanish-speaking partner and take turns reading it in English and Spanish!

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(Symbolizing high moral character in children's literature)

Correction to answer page 266 in Forever Friendships
We apologize for the error in the answers for page 82-83, "Map of Duston, Arizona, A Logic Puzzle" in Forever Friendships. Please print this pdf file and paste it over the error. (It must have been a ghost!)


Special Thanks to Tim Brechbill for granting permission to use his original composition, Waltz of the Ghouls for the background music!


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Ghost Fever/Mal de Fantasma
by Joe Hayes
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