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Double Identity
by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Why are Bethany's parents so overprotective? Why don't they let her go to sleep-overs? Why does her mom cry all the time? Why do they have to go everywhere with her and even dress her like a knight when she rides her bicycle? And then, why would they whisk her away from school, drive hundreds of miles in the middle of the night, only to drop her on the doorstep of an aunt she didn't even know she had? More and more questions! The answers, like puzzle piece clues slowly being turned over, will give Bethany the surprise of her life.

You will be just as surprised as Bethany! This is a book that will make you want to slip out of your desk and sneak a read during science! And, when you have solved the mystery, you'll have just begun because you'll want to research to learn more!

In this exhilarating thriller, Margaret Peterson Haddix crafts a taut story so full of twists and turns, readers will be gripped until the startling conclusion. (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers)

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Chromosomes, DNA, and Genes
Mendel's Genetics
Probability of Inheritance

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Double Identity by Margaret Peterson Haddix

You can purchase the Kids' Wings 25-page Kids' Wings Unit for Double Identity by Margaret Peterson Haddix NOW for immediate download for only $15.95! Sharable within one school. Click Here to purchase and download.


A 26-Page Unit for Double Identity is a part of a collection of 40 units in The Ripple Effect.

This Unit Contains:
Background Building: A Mystery Anchored in Science
Dialectical Journaling
Anticipation Guide
Feelings: A Crossword Puzzle
2-Page Readers’ Theater
Twice the Fun
Vocabulary List and Activity
Predict/Confirm Chapter Questions
Which Title Is Best?
The Possessives Song and Analyze Apostrophes in the Story

Multiple Choice and Short-Answer Comprehension Pages
A Tense Situation
Dramatic Reading
Three Research Projects
A Memorial Tribute
The Comma Song (you'll love this)
Analyzing Commas in the Story
Create a "Truth" Poster

Jesse's Ripples
Ripples in the Stream
My Philosophy and Analysis of Walter Krull's Actions
Writing Prompts
The Ripple Effect!

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Double Identity
by Margaret Peterson Haddix
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