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Hubert Invents the Wheel
by Claire and Monte Montgomery

Hubert lived 5,000 years ago in the Mesopotamia Valley, a desert between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. He was a Sumerian. Even though he may not have had all the luxuries of modern life, you might be very surprised at how well you can relate to him and his problems! But, Hubert had a scientific mind at a time when brains weren't particularly admired. It was the strong back and arms like tree trunks that made people sit up and notice! Even Gorp, Hubert's father, didn't appreciate Hubert's creativity. On his way to creating the wheel, he ran into many ... roadblocks, shall we say? Like all work in science, Hubert's inventions didn't always work right the first time, so he had to continue riding the ripples of one hysterical failure after another to try to patch and adapt them to work right. His only goal was to make life easier for his people.

As if getting his inventions fine tuned wasn't enough, he and the other Sumerians were plagued by attacks from Assyrians thugs, cave dwelling louts who were determined to destroy Hubert's people. Will Hubert's inventions be able to bridge the gap between the Sumerians and the Assyrians?

Will this young scientist ever get the attention of the queen as she orders the building of the Ziggurat?

Will his inventions ever get the respect they deserve?

Or, will Hubert have to follow in the footprints of his father and eventually take over the Gorp's Hauling and Towing business, dragging heavy sledges slowly across the desert?

Told in a modern voice with all the modern puns, cliches, idioms, and sportscasters, you will be rolling on the floor with laughter as you go back in time to discover how the wheel really got invented and how it changed the world. Illustrations by Jeff Shelly, former Disney animator, provide even more fun!

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Hubert Invents the Wheel
Illustrator Jeff Shelly

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What is a Ziggurat?
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The Invention of the Wheel
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Scientific Predictions

Paint by Idioms

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Hubert Invents the Wheel

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2-Page Readers’ Theater Script
Map Study
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Predict/Confirm Chapter Questions
Multiple Choice Comprehension
Writing Prompts
The Value of Leadership
Ripples Game


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