The Capitalism Song Based on Lawn Boy
and Breaking Stalin's Nose
Lyrics by Suzy Red, to the tune of "Down by the Station"
Melody and Performance by Ben Shelton, music by Robin Mikalunas

Is a business system
That's owned by individuals:
Create and then compete!
They make what people want.
And next,
They get to keep the profits.
Now we know.

Supply and demand
Are the nature of the concept.
If supplies are plentiful,
The prices will go down.
If demand exceeds supply,
The prices then go up!
Not so tough.
An entrepreneur
Is one who starts a business.
He sticks out his neck
And risks his time and funds.
He develops a product
Or supplies a brand new service.
Products! Service!
Now begun!

For labor acquisition,
You have to hire your workers.
'Cause business cannot grow;
One person is too slow.
Disperse the work!
Distribute your wealth!
Everyone profits!
Your business grows!

The more successful you become
The more attention you attract.
Problems will arise. That is a fact.
Conflict resolution
Means working
Through your problems.
Talk 'til you agree.
Problem's solved.

If your apples are in one basket
You are taking risk.
When one apple rots,
The rest soon follow it.
Portfolio Diversification
Spreads your apples out.
For economic expansion,
Just branch out.

Capitalism Song
Capitalism Round
Capitalism Melody

Inspired by Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen
from Transformers, © Suzy Red, March, 2008, Lockhart, TX

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