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Lawn Boy
by Gary Paulsen

All he needed was an inner tube for his old 10-speed bicycle. What he got was a little old lawn mower that used to belong to his grandfather. So how did he get rich in one month?

It all started when he mowed his, and his neighbor saw him. "Will you mow my grass?" he asked. While he was mowing his neighbor's grass, someone else stopped to ask him to mow his grass, too.

So, do you think he got rich mowing grass? Or, could it have anything to do with Arnold, a stock market expert? You will be surprised when you find out!

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Lawn Boyby Gary Paulsen


A 24-Page Unit for Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen is perfect for your lesson planning, handouts, and use on electronic boards. It is also a part of a collection of 24 units in Transformers.

The Unit Contains:
Discussion Cards
Crossword Puzzle
Economics Capitalism Song in a Round
Readers’ Theater Script
Predict/Confirm Chapter Questions
Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities
Writing Prompts
Logic Puzzle
Jeopardy-type Game
and MORE! 


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A special thanks to Mickey Gentle for allowing us to use his original composition "Peregrine Strut" as our background music!


Lawn Boy by Gary PaulsenNOW!

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