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2008-2009 Kids' Wings Award Books
Texas Bluebonnet Award Master ListSM

Children's literature provides powerful learning and entertainment opportunities that are catalysts to creativity and research.  Click each title below to browse or order. Extension links for each book will be provided! In addition to the new literature, Transformers includes units on other books that make excellent literary partners. Included in the spiral-bound book with CD and site license for one school, you'll find over 500 pages of activities, 6 recorded songs, and 9 Jeopardy-type games.

How do Kids' Wings activities for these books transform your classroom? They provide balance, problem solving, group activities, and inspiration by giving you essential Imaginative Activities and Testing Activities to use with authentic literature!

is a 500-page book that contains units on ALL of these books and their literary partners:

The Kids' Wings Award List for 2008-2009:
Elijah Of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis (2008 Newbery Honor Book)

Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom by Carole Boston Weatherford and Kadir Nelson (Partner Unit for Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt is included in Transformers)
Rudy Rides the Rails, A Depression Era Story by Dandi Daley Mackall

The World's Greatest Elephant by Ralph Helfer

The 2008-2009 Texas Bluebonnet Award Master ListSM:
Atherton: the House of Power by Patrick Carman
Comets, Stars, the Moon, and Mars by Douglas Florian (Partner Unit for My Light by Molly Bang is included in Transformers)
Crossing Bok Chitto: A Choctaw Tale of Friendship and Freedom by Tim Tingle
Gabriel's Horses by Alison Hart

How to Steal a Dog by Barbara O'Connor

The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick
(2008 Caldecott Medal)
Just Grace by Charise Mericle Harper
Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen
Marvelous Mattie: How Margaret E. Knight Became an Inventor by Emily Arnold McCully

The Middle of Somewhere by J. B. Chaeney

One-Handed Catch by Mary Jane Auch

One Potato, Two Potato by Cynthia DeFelice
Tall Tales by Karen Day--(Language Alert! This Book contains cursing)
Team Moon: How 400,000 People Landed Apollo 11 on the Moon by Catherine Thimmesh
The Thing About Georgie by Lisa Graff

This is Just to Say by Joyce Sidman--(Language Alert! This Book contains cursing)
Toys Go Out by Emily Jenkins
The Winner's Walk by Nancy Ruth Patterson
Way Down Deep by Ruth White
(Partner Units for Amber on the Mountain and Mary on Horseback by Rosemary Wells are included in Transformers)
What You Never Knew About Beds, Bedrooms, and Pajamas by Patricia Lauber
(Partner Unit for Turn of the Century by Ellen Jackson is included in Transformers)

Transformers: Literature Celebrations 2008-2009

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* Language Alert: Two books on the Texas Bluebonnet Master ListSM contain instances of characters cursing or using Christ's name in cursing. Although, we at Kids' Wings, choose to honor the name of God in our speech and in our writing, we see the redeeming qualities of Tall Tales as important to many children and families faced with an alcoholic parent. This Is Just to Say brings a message of apology and forgiveness, very important in this world, but it includes two words that we wouldn't allow to be said in our classroom. It is disappointing that award-winning books would model vulgarities and the use of the name of Christ in cursing for our our children. (We don't expect all children to be Christians, but we do expect all children to respect the sacred names in all religions.) We believe it is time to respect our children in all areas of their lives, including their literature. We are grateful to authors who choose to use finesse in their descriptions of cursing and leave the exact words to the readers' experience and imaginations.


Kids' Wings has created outstanding activities for each novel, units which provide the latest in integrated curriculum.


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Kids' Wings has created outstanding activities for each novel, units which provide the latest in integrated curriculum.

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