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Nic Bishop Frogs
by Nic Bishop
A Junior Library Guild Award Book
Kids' Wings Award for Outstanding Literature
A Texas Bluebonnet Award NomineeSM

"Once, I jumped when a piece of wood hopped from under my feet
and turned into a toad, unlike any I had seen before."

So, you think you know a lot about frogs, do you? Well, get ready for a BIG surprise! There are some things you probably don't know! When you read Nic Bishop Frogs, you will discover the answers to lots of questions like:

What is the difference between frogs and toads?
How many more bones do you have tha
n a frog? Which bones are missing in frogs?
How do green-eyed tree frogs climb trees?
Where are frogs' ears?
How do frogs use their eyes in other ways than in seeing?
Which frogs are poisonous?
Which frog can jump the longest distance?
How do frogs survive in dry places?
Can frogs freeze and survive?
Can you name three ways that frogs breathe in their lifetimes?
What remarkable things does a strawberry dart poison frog do to protect its tadpoles?

Absolutely amazing photographs and descriptions of a menagerie of frogs will delight readers of all ages!

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Literary Connections / Picture Books

Nic Bishop Spiders by Nic Bishop
Too Many Frogs
by Sandy Asher

A Frog in a Bog by Karma Wilson

Nic Bishop Frogs
You can purchase the 40-page unit for Nic Bishop Spiders PLUS Nic Bishop Frogs and Nic Bishop Butterflies and Moths NOW for immediate download for only $12.95!
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A 14-page unit for Nic Bishop Frogs is a part of a collection of 23 units
in Gifts and Givers

The Unit Contains:
Getting Ready to Read Nonfiction: Pretest

Discussion Cards
Crossword Puzzle
Readers’ Theater Introduction
Readers Theater--Froggy Facts
Map Study
Note Taking
Complete the Picture
Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities, 2 pages
Frog Research: Learn More About Frogs

Kids' Wings presents 50-pages of activities for 4 award-winning picture books about frogs including guides for Nic Bishop Frogs,
Too Many Frogs, A Frog in a Bog, and Frog's
Best Friend.
Activities include:
Getting Ready to Read Nonfiction,
Discussion Cards,
Readers Theater Scripts,
Labeling Parts of a Frog,
Multiple Choice Comprehension,
Mapping Where Frogs Live,
Crossword Puzzles,
Writing Prompts and Guides,
art/illustrating activities,
Frog Research,
Comparing Books,
Math Graph--Frog Reunion,
Our Family Reunion Writing Guide,
Bugs in a Bog Math Graph,
Have a Play,
Five Little Speckled Frogs Song,
Food Chain Logic Puzzle,
Make a Story Map,
Chapter Questions,
Friends Song to "Love Me Tender",
Venn Diagram Comparing Frogs,
Frogs' Life Cycle,
Animal Research,
Apple Tree Seasons,
Editing and Revising,
Friends Writing Lesson,
answer keys



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