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About Arachnids: A Guide for Children
by Cathryn Sill, Illustrated by John Sill.

Beautifully illustrated, this guide to the arachnid world provides a first window into the world of spiders, mites, ticks, and scorpions. One-sentence texts provide information for each illustration. The Afterward opens the window a little farther, extending more information about the sixteen arachnids showcased in the full-page watercolor paintings.

Internet Extensions

Spider Information
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Classroom Activities
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Spider Unit
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The Garden Safari
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Literary Connections:

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A Kids Wings Literature Guide for About Arachnids is part of a 61-unit collection, Serendipity, Discovering Science, Math, and Language Arts

The About Arachnids Unit Contains:
11 pages of pictures and poems with activities

Anticipation Guide
Crossword Puzzle
Which One?
Logic Puzzle

Draw A Spider

Be a ZooKeeper

Creepy Math
Two-Page Writing Lesson
Book Comparison


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by Cathryn Sill, Illustrated by John Sill


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