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Award-Winning Animal Novels
with Kids Wings Units

The Buddy Files (dog and humans, mystery) Grades 2-3
The Cheshire Cheese Cat (cats, mice, humans) Grades 5-12
Christopher Mouse (mouse and humans) Grades 2-4
A Dog On His Own (dogs)
Grades 3-5
Down Girl and Sit (dog and human) ALL GRADES
The Dragon of Lonely Island (dragon and kids) Grades 2-4
Each Little Bird That Sings (dog and humans) Grades 3-6
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane (stuffed rabbit and humans) Grades 2-6
Ereth's Birthday (porcupine, mice, and forest animals) Grades 3-6
Hamster Magic (hamster and kids) Grades 2-3
Kenny and the Dragon
(rabbits and woodland creatures) Grades 3-8
I Was a Third Grade Science Project (dog and kids) Grades 3-4
Lewis and Clark and Me (dog and humans) Grades 3-12
(beetle and humans) Grades 3-6
Maybelle in the Soup (cute cockroach and humans) Grades 2-6
Mountain Dog (an abused boy finds help at the top of a mountain in the arms of a park ranger and his rescue dog) Grades 3-8
My Chimp Friday (chimpanzee and humans, some cursing) Gr. 3-6
My Life in Dog Years (dogs and humans) Grades 3-12
My Side of the Mountain (falcon and boy) Grades 3-12
The One and Only Ivan (gorilla, elephants, and humans) Grades 4-12
Poppy (mice, porcupine, forest creatures) Grades 3-6
Summer of the Monkeys (dog, monkeys, family) All Grades

Surprises According to Humphrey
(school hamster and humans) Grades 2-3
The Tale of Despereaux (mouse and humans) Grades 3-6
Thunder from the Sea (dog and humans, Christian faith) Grades 3-8
Tua and the Elephant (elephant and girl, Malasia) Grades 2-4
Waiting for the Magic (dogs and humans) Grades 3-8
The White Elephant (elephant and boy, India) Grades 3-6
The Wild Robot (a robot is shipwrecked on an island with wild animals) Grades 4-8

Who Stole Halloween?
(cat and kids, mystery) Grades 3-6
Wild Times at the Bed & Biscuit ( vet and talking animals) Grades 2-6


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