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Here is the complete list of Kids Wings literature guides for grades 3-8:

10 Rules You Absolutely Must Not Break ... to Survive the School Bus by John Grandits (PB)
11 Birthdays
by Wendy Mass
14 Cows for America by Carmen Agra Deedy (PB)
2013 Caldecotts Plus I Want My Hat Back (PB)
26 Fairmont Avenue, An Autobiography
by Tomie dePaola
(EC, 2-4)
A is for Salad by Mike Lester (PB, PK-1)
Abbie Against the Storm
by Marcia Vaughn (PB, 2-5)
About Arachnids: A Guide for Children by Cathryn Sill (PB, PK-K)
Adventures of Hershel of Ostropol
by Eric Kimmel
(Short Stories, 3-7)
Akiak, A Tale of the Iditarod by Robert Blake 
(PB, 3-5)
Alien Secrets by Annette by Curtis Klause
Aliens on Vacation, The Intergalactic Bed and Breakfast by Smith (4+)
All Stations Distress by Don Brown (3-8)
All the Way Home by Patricia Reilly Giff (3-8)
Alphabet Under Construction by Denise Fleming ( (PB, PK-1)
Alvin Ho: Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary Things by Lenore Look (EC, 2-3)
Amazing Faces by Lee Bennett Hopkins (PB, 3+)
Amber On the Moutain by Tony Johnson
(PB, 1-4)
Amber Was Brave, Essie Was Smart by Vera B. Williams (PB, 3-5)
Sky Pioneer:  Amelia Earhart by Corinne Szabo (Historical Photobiography, all ages)
And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon
by Stevens &  Crummel
(PB, 1-4)
Andy Shane and the Very Bossy Dolores Starbuckle by Jennifer Jacobson (PB, 1-3)
Ants by Deborah Hodge (PB, K-3)
Any Small Goodness: A Novel of the Barrio
by Tony Johnston (3-8)
Ant and Grasshopper by Luli Gray (PB, K-3)
Apollo by Caroline Gregorie (PB, K-3)
Apple Pie 4th of July
By Janet Wong (PB, K-3)
Arctic Lights, Arctic Nights by Debbie S. Miller
(PB, 3-8)
Armadilly Chili
by Helen Ketteman (In our Kids Wings collection of 4 Mexican Folktale Spinoffs)
Atherton: the House of Power
by Patrick Carman (4-7)
Attack on Pearl Harbor: The Day America Entered World War II by Shelley Tanaka
(PB, 3-8)
Baba Yaga and Vasalisa the Brave by Marianna Mayer
(PB 3-5)
Babies on the Go by Linda Ashman (PB, PK-K)
Bad Kitty
by Nick Bruel (PB, K-5)
Badger's Fancy Meal by Keiko Kaska (PB, K-3)
Bake Sale by Sara Varon (Graphic Novel, 2-3)
Balarama: A Royal Elephant by Lewin and Lewin (PB, 3-5)
The Ballet of the Elephants by Leda Schuber (PB, 3+)
The Ballad of Valentine by Allison Jackson (PB, K-4)
Ballerino Nate by Kimberly Brubak Bradley (PB, 1-3)
Balloons Over Broadway: The Puppeteer of Macy’s Parade by Melissa Sweet (PB, all ages)
Barnum’s Bones by Tracey Fern (PB, 3+)
Bear Feels Scared by Karma Wilson (PB, K-3)
Bear Feels Sick by Karma Wilson (PB, K-3)
Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson (PB, K-3)
Bear Stays Up for Christmas by Karma Wilson
(PB, K-3)
Bear's New Friend by Karma Wilson (PB, K-3)

Beast Feast
by Douglas Florian
(PB, 1-4)
Bebe Goes Shopping by Susan Middleton Elya (K-3)
Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea (4-7)
Because of Winn-Dixie
by Kate DiCamillo
The Beeman by Laurie Krebs (PB, K-3)
Belinda the Ballerina by Amy Young (PB, K-3)
Bella at Midnight by Diane Stanley (3+)
Benjamin Franklinstein Lives! by Tuxbury and McElligott (4-7)
Bertie was a Watchdog by Rick Walton (PB, K-3)
The Best School Year Ever by Barbara Robinson
The Big Bike Race by Lucy Jane Bledsoe
The Big Bug Book by Margery Flacklam
(PB, 1-5)
Bigger by Patricia Calvert
(4-7) Click to buy the Kids Wings Literature Guide
The Big House by Carolyn Coman (4-7)
The Birthday Pet by Ellen Javernick (2-3)
Birthday Surprises
by Johanna Hurwiz
(Short Stories, 3-8)
Black Elk's Vision: A Lakota Story by S. D. Nelson (PB, 3+)
The Blue Ghost by Marion Dane Bauer (3-4)
Boss of the Plains by Laurie Carlson
(PB, 1-5)
bow wow meow meow: it’s rhyming cats and dogs by Douglas Florian (PB, K-3)
The Boy of a Thousand Faces 
by Brian Selznick
The Boy on Fairfield Street: Ted Geisel --Dr. Seuss by Kathleen Krull
The Boy Who Invented TV: The Story of Philo Farnsworth by Kathleen Krull (PB, 2-4)
Bread Comes to Life
Breaking Stalin's Nose by Eugene Yelchin (2012 Newbery Medal) (4+) Bridgett's Beret by Tom Lichtenheld (In the Kids Wings Collection of 4 Art Books)
The Brixton Brothers: The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity
by Mac Barnett (4-8)
Bubba and Beau by Kathi Appelt (PB, 1-3)
Bubbles Float, Bubbles Pop
by Mark Weakland (PB, K-1)
Bud, Not Buddy
by Christopher Paul Curtis, 2000 Newbery Medal (4-7)
The Buddy Files: The Case of the Lost Boy by Dori Hillestad Butler (EC, 2-3)
The Buffalo Nickel
by Taylor Morrison
(PB, 2-7)
Building with Dad by Carol Nevius (PB, 1-3)
Bull's-Eye: A Photobiography of Annie Oakley by Sue Macy
(PB, 3-7)
The Cabinet of Wonders by Marie Rutkoski (3-6)
Calvin Coconut, Trouble Magnet by Graham Salisbury (3-5)
Chameleon, Chameleon by Joy Cowley (PB, K-2)
Cat Secrets
by Jef Czekaj (PB, K-3)
Challenger: America's Favorite Eagle (PB, 3+) y Margot Theis Raven
Charlotte's Web
by E. B. White (3+)
Chasing Lincoln’s Killer
  by James L. Swanson (6+)
Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett
Cheshire Cheese Cat, a Dickens of a Tale by Carmen Agra Deedy (5+)
Christopher Mouse: The Tale of a Small Traveler
by William Wise
Cindy Moo by Lori Mortensen (PB, K-2)
Circle Unbroken by Margot Theis Raven (PB, 3-6)
The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau (3-8)
Clara Caterpillar by Pamela Duncan Edwards (PB, K-3)
Clementine's Letter by Sara Pennypacker (EC, 2-3)
Clever Jack Takes the Cake by Candace Fleming (PB, 2-3)
Cockroach Cooties by Laurence Yep
Comes a Wind by Linda Arms White
(PB, 1-4)
Comets, Stars, the Moon, and Mars by Douglas Florian (PB, 3+)
The Conch Bearer
by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Construction Zone by Cheryl Willis Hudson(PB, 1-3)
by Stevens and Crummel
(PB, 1-4)
Coral Reefs by Jason Chin (PB, 2-3)
Cork and Fuzz by
Dori Chaconas (1-3, very easy chapter book)
Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan (4-8) mbird2007countingovejas.html
Counting Ovejas by Sarah Weeks (K-3)
The Courage of Sarah Noble
by Alice Dalgliesh
A Newbery Medal (EC, 3+)
Coyote School News by Joan Sandlin
Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds & Peter Brown (PB, K-4) Caldecott Honor 2013
Crispin: The Cross of Lead by Avi 2004 Newbery Medal (4+)
Crossing Bok Chitto: A Choctaw Tale of Friendship and Freedom by Tim Tingle (PB, 3-6)
by Eve Bunting
(PB, K-3)
Danitra Brown Leaves Town by Nikki Grimes (PB, 3-5)
The Dark Stairs by Betsy Byars
Dark Water Rising by Marian Hale (6-12)
The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt (PB K-3)
Dear Whiskers 
by Whitehead Nagda Ann 
(EC, 2-3)
Diary of a Spider by Doreen Cronin (PB, PK-4)
The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins by Barbara  Kerley 
(PB, 3+)
Dirty Laundry Pile: Poems in Two Voices by Paul B. Janeczko (PB, 3+)
A Dog on His Own by Mary Jane Auch (3-5)
Doll Bones by Holly Black (4-7) 2014 Newbery Honor Book
The Doll People
by Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin
Double Dribble, Athlete vs. Mathlete by W. C. Mack
Double Identity
by Margaret Peterson Haddix (4+)
Down, Down, Down, Journey to the Bottom of the Sea
by Steve Jenkins (2-8)
Down Girl and Sit, On the Road by Lucy Nolan Texas Bluebonnet Winner (2+)
The Dragon of Lonely Island
by Rebecca Rupp (EC, 3-4)
The Duchess of Whimsy: An Absolutely Delicious Fairy Tale by Randall de Sève (PB, K-3)
Duck and Goose by Tad Hills (PB, K-3)
Duck on a Bike
by David Shannon (PB, K-3)
Dying to Meet You, 43 Old Cemetery Road
by Kate Klise
Each Little Bird That Sings by Deborah Wiles (3-6)
Eaglet's World by
Evelyn White Minshull
The Earth Dragon Awakes by Laurence Yep (3+)
Earthquake Terror by Peg Kehret (3-8)

Echo by Pam Munoz Ryan (3-12) 2016 Newbery Honor Book
Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo (3-5)
Edwina Victorious
by Susan Bonners
The Egg by M. P. Robertson (2-3)
An Egg is Quiet by Diana Aston (PB, PK-3)
Elijah Of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis (2008 Newbery Honor) (5+)
Ella Enchanted (A Cinderella Novel) by Gail Carson Levine
EllRay Jakes is Not a Chicken by Sally Warner (EC, 2-3)
Emily's Fortune
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (3-4)
Empire State Building by Elizabeth Mann
(PB, 3-8)
Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs by Sabuda and Reinhart
(PB, K-4)
Ereth's Birthday by Avi
Escape Under the Forever Sky by Eve Yohalem (4-8)
Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan
Everybody Works by Shelley Rotner (PB, K-2)
The Expeditioners by S. S. Taylor (4-8)
Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett & Jon Klassen (PB, 1-4) Caldecott Honor Book 2013
The Extraordinary Mark Twain (According to Susy) by Barbara Kerley (PB, 3-6)
The Eye of the Storm by Stephen Kramer
(PB, 3+)
Face Bug A Combined-text Poetry Collection by J. Patrick Lewis (PB, All Grades)
The Face in the Bessledorf Funeral Parlor
a mystery by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor $3.00 Click Here to Download the Activities (3-5)
Fair Weather by Richard Peck
Faith and the Electric Dogs by Patrick Jennings
(3-5) $6.95 Buy the Guide
Falling for Rapunzel by Leah Wilcox (PB, 2-4)
Fame and Glory in Freedom, Georgia by Barbara O'Connor (3-5)
Fanny's Dream by Caralyn Buehner PAIRED with Where I'd Like to Be, Buy and download
the guides $9.95, (PB,1-6)
Fantastic Undersea Life of Jacques Cousteau by Dan Yaccarino (PB, 3+)
Farley Found It by Bruce Van Patter (PB, 1-3)

Fiesta Fiasco by Ann Whitford Paul (PB, 1-3)

Fire! Fuego! Brave Bomberos
by Susan Middleton Elya (PB 1-5)
Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen (3-7)
Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures by Kate DiCamillo, Newbery Medal, 2014
Fly High! The Story of Bessie Coleman
by Kroeger
(PB, 2-3)
Flying Solo by Ralph Fletcher
Flying the Dragon by Natalie Lorenzi (3-6)
Follow the Trail: Guide to the Great Outdoors by Jessica Loy
(PB, 2-4)
For You are a Kenyan Child by Kelly Cunnane (PB, K-3)
The Forging of the Blade
by R. L. LaFevers
Firegirl by Tony Abbott (3+)
Freaky Fast Frankie Joe by Lutricia Clifton
by Andrew Clements, $7.95 Buy and Download (3-8)
Frog and Fly by Jeff Mack, (PB, Ages 3-6)
Gabriel's Horses by Alison Hart
The Gentleman Outlaw and Me--Eli by Mary Downing Hahn
George Crum and the Saratoga Chip by Gaylia Taylor
(PB, 3+)
George Washington's Teeth
by Chandra and Comora (PB, 2+)
Ghetto Cowboy by G. Neri Language Alert! (3-8)
Ghost Fever/Mal de Fantasma by Joe Hayes (3-8)
Ghost of Fossil Glen by Cynthia DeFelice 
The Ghost's Grave by Peg Kehret (3-6)
The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing by Sheila Turnage (4-8)
The Giant Rat of Sumatra or Pirates Galore by Sid Fleischman (4+)
Gib Rides Home  by Zilpha K. Snyder (3-5)
The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill, (4+) Newbery Medal 2017
Glory Be by Augusta Scattergood (3-6)
by Mina Javaherbin (PB, 2-5)
Goin' Someplace Special by Patricia McKissack.
(PB, 1-3)
The Golden Mare, the Firebird by Ruth Sanderson 
(PB, 1-3)
Goldilocks by Ruth Sanderson (PB K-2)
The Gollywhopper Games
by Jody Feldman (4-8)
Good Luck, Mrs. K.! by Louise Borden
(PB, 1-3)
Good Night, Good Night, Construction Site (PB, K-3)
The Gorillas of Gill Park
by Amy Gordon (3-8)

Grace for President by Kelly DiPucchio (simplifies the electoral college)
The Graduation of Jake Moon by Barbara Park  (3-8)
The Great Shelby Holmes by Elizabeth Eulberg (3-8)
The Greatest Skating Race: A World War II Story by Louise Borden (PB, 3-5)
The Great Pig Chase by Eileen Christelow (K-3)
Great Turkey Walk by Kathleen Karr 
Green by Laura Vaccaro Seeger (K-3) Caldecott Honor Book 2013
Gregor the Overlander
by Suzanne Collins
Guess What's Growing Inside This Egg? (K-3)
The Hallelujah Flight
by Phil Bildner (PB, 3-6)
Hamster Magic, A Stepping Stone Book by Lynne Jonell (2-3)
Happenstance Found by P. W. Catanese (4-9)
Harvesting Hope: The Story of Cesar Chavez by Kathleen Krull
Help Me, Mr. Mutt! by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel (PB, 3-4)
Hero by Mike Lupica (4-6)
The Hero of Bremen by Margaret Hodges
(PB, 3-8) (Companion Book for A A Paradise Called Texas)
Hey, New Kid!
by Betsy Duffey   (3) 
The Hinky Pink, An Old Tale by Megan McDonald (2-3)
Home of the Brave by Katherine Applegate
Home Run by Robert Burleigh
(PB, 3-6)
Honus and Me  by Dan Gutman 
Hooray for Harry by Kim Lewis (K-3)
Hooway for Wodney
Wat by Helen Lester (K-3)
Hope by Louann Gaeddert
Horace the Horrible by Jackie French Koller (K-3)
Horsefly and Honeybee
by Randy Cecil, Ages 4-8
Hot Diggity Dog: The History of the Hot Dog
by Adrienne Sylver (3-5)
Hotshots by Chris L. Demarest (K-3)
How Rocket Learned to Read by Tad Hills (1-3)
How Tia Lola Came to Stay by Julia Alvarez
How to Talk to Your Dog by Jean Craighead George
(PB, 2+)
How to Steal a Dog by Barbara O'Connor (3-6)
How To Teach a Slug to Read Read Susan Pearson (K-3)
Hubert Invents the Wheel by Claire and Monte Montgomery (3-6)
The Humming Room by Ellen Potter
The Hummingbird Nest by Kristine O’Connell George (PB, 2-4)
Ice Bear, In the Steps of the Polar Bear by Nicola Davies (2+)
Ida B . . . and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster,.. by Katherine Hannigan (3-5)
If I Ran for President by Catherine Stier (PB, 1-4)
Imogene's Last Stand by Candace Fleming (3-6)
The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick
(3-12) 2008 Caldecott Medal 
Insectlopedia by Douglas Florian 
I See Kookaburra
by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page (PB, K-3)
An Island Grows
by Lola Schaefer (K-4)
I, Vivaldi by Janice Shefelman (3+)
I Wanna Iguana
by Karen Kaufman Orloff (K-3)
I Want My Hat Back
by Jon Klassen (K-3) Caldecott Honor Book 2013
I Was a Third Grade Science Project by Mary Jane Auch 

Jackson Jones and the Puddle of Thorns
by Mary Quattlebaum
(3-5) $8.95 Click Here to Download the Kids Wings Unit for Jackson Jones

Jake Ransom and the Skull King by Jack Rollins
Jangles: a BIG Fish by David Shannon
Jericho by Janet Hickman
(6-8) Unit in Literature Based Learning

Jim Dandy by Hadley Irwin
(3-5) Unit in Bluebonnet Celebrations $10 for 20 unit spiral bound book

Looking at Lincoln by Maira Kalman
Juan Verdades: The Man Who Couldn't Tell a Lie by Joe Hayes
(PB, 3-8)

Junebug by Alice Mead $7.95 (Plus Locomotion and The Other Side) Junebug by Alice Mead (3-5) See Bullying

Jungle Drums by
Graeme Base (K-3)
Just Being Audrey
by Margaret Cardillo (3+)
Just Grace by Charise Mericle Harper (2-5)
Just a Second by Steve Jenkins (PB, 2-5)
Kate Shelley:  Bound for Legend by Robert D. San Souci
(1-3) Unit in Literature Based Learning $10 for 20 units in a spiral bound book
Kennedy Assassinated! A Reporter's Story by Wilborn Hampton  (3-12)
Kenny and the Dragon by Tony DiTerlizzi (3-5)
The Kid Who Ran for President by Dan Gutman
The Kite Fighters by Linda Sue Park
Kitten's First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes (K-2)
Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale by Mo Willems
Lady Liberty: A Biography by Doreen Rappaport (PB, 3+)
The Landry News
by Andrew Clements
Laugh with the Moon by Shana Burg (3-8)
The Last Treasure
by Janet S. Anderson (3-8)
Later, Gator by Laurence Yep  (3-5) $7.95 on TeachersPayTeachers
Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen (4-12)
Lawn Boy Returns
by Gary Paulsen
Leah's Pony by Elizabeth Friedrich
(PB, 2-5)
Leonardo DaVinci by Diane Stanley (3-5)
Leonardo's Horse by Jean Fritz (3+)
Let’s Sing a Lullaby with the Brave Cowboy by Jan Thomas, (PK-2)
Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo by Obert Skye (3-5)
Lewis and Clark and Me: A Dog's Story
by Laurie Myers (3-5) 
Liar and Spy by Rebecca Stead (4-7)
The Lightning Thief
by Rick Riordan
Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie by Julie Sternberg (3)
The Little Red Hen by Jerry Pinkney (In our Kids Wings collection of 4 Mexican Folktale Spinoffs)

by Jacqueline Woodson
Look! Look! Look! by by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace with Linda K. Friedlaender
(In the Kids Wings Collection of 4 Art Books)

Looking at Lincoln by Maira Kalman
Lost Treasure of Tuckernuck by Emily Fairlie
Lou Gehrig:The Luckiest Man by David Adler
(PB, 3+)
Louisa: The Life of Louisa May Alcott by Yona Zeldis McDonough (3-5)
Love from Your Friend, Hannah by Mindy Skolsky 
(3-5) in Defeating Giants (20 units for $10)
Love That Dog by Sharon Creech 
(3-5) in Defeating Giants (20 units for $10)
The Luck of the Loch Ness Monster: A Tale of Picky Eating by A. W. Flaherty (2-3)
A Lucky Thing
by Alice Schertle
(PB, 1-6)
Mack Made Movies by Don Brown (PB, 2+)
The Magic Half by Annie Barrows (3-5)
The Magician’s Boy by Susan Cooper
(PB, K-3)
The Magician's Elephant by Kate DiCamillo (4-8)
Martina the Beautiful Cockroach: A Cuban Folktale, Carmen Agra Deedy (3-8)
Marvelous Mattie: How Margaret E. Knight Became an Inventor by Emily Arnold McCully (PB, 3-6)
Marven of the Great North Woods
by Kathryn Lasky 
(PB, K-3) 
Mary on Horseback by Rosemary Wells

Masterpiece by Eloise Broach (3-5)
Math Curse by John Scieszka
(PB, 3-6)
Math-terpieces: The art of problem-solving by Greg Tang
(PB, 2-6) (In the Kids Wings Collection of 4 Art Books with Bridgett's Beret)

Max and Jax in Second Grade by Nolen, Jerdine. (PB,1- 2)
Maybelle in the Soup by Katie Speck (EC, 2-5)
Me…Jane by Patrick McDonnell (2012 Caldecott Honor Book)
Meerkats by
Jody Sullivan Rake
Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett
Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot by Margot Theis Raven (PB, 2-5)
Merlin and the Dragons by Jane Yolen (PB, 3-6) Unit included in Literature Based Learning $10.00 for Buy the 20 units now!
Mick Harte Was Here by Barbara Park
(4+) Unit included in Literature Based Learning $10.00 for Buy the 20 units now!
The Middle of Somewhere by J. B. Chaeney (3-6)
The Mightiest Heart
by Lynn Cullen
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo (3-5)
Mirror, Mirror, A Book of Reversible Verse
by Marilyn Singer (3+)
The Misadventures of Maude March by Audrey Couloumbis (3-8)
Miss Brooks Loves Books (and I don't) by Barbara Bottner
Mister and Me
by Kimberly by Willis Holt
Misty Gordon and the Mystery of the Ghost Pirates by Kim Kennedy (3-6)
Mom Operating Manual by Dorin Cronin (2-6)
Mommy's Best Kisses by Margaret Anastas (PK-2)
Monsieur Marceau by Leda Schubert (Picture Book Biography 3+)
Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool (5+) Newbery Medal 2011
Morgy Makes His Move by Maggie Lewis
Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom by Carole Boston Weatherford (PB, 3+)
Mosquito Bite
by Alexandra Siy and Dennis Kunkel (PB, 2+)
Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg by Rodman Philbrick Newbery Honor Book 2010
Mother to Tigers by George Ella Lyon
(PB, 1-4)
Mountain Dog by Margarita Engle (3-6)
Mr. Tucket by Gary Paulsen
Mud Shark by Gary Paulsen (3-5)
Mummies and Their Mysteries
by Charlotte Wilcox
(PB, 3+)
My Chimp Friday: The Nana Banana Chronicles by Hester Mundis
My Life in Dog Years, An Autobiography  by Gary Paulsen
My Light by Molly Bang (PB, 1-6)
My Side of the Mountain
by Jean Craighead George (3-8) Newbery Honor
The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Steward (3-6) GT
The Mysterious Matter of I. M. Fine  by Diane Stanley

The Neptune Project by Polly Holyoke (4+)
Nic Bishop Butterflies and Moths by Nic Bishop (2+)
Nic Bishop Frogs by Nic Bishop (2+)
The Night Gardener by Jonathan Auxier (4+)
Nightsong by Ari Berk and Loren Long (K-5)
The Night of the Seven Splashes
by Vivian Laubach Thompson (3+)
No Sleep for the Sheep by Karen Beaumont
Nory Ryan's Song by Patricia Reilly Giff
\The Notorious Benedict Arnold, Story of Adventure, Heroism & Treachery by Steve Sheinkini (7+)
Nutmeg and Barley
by Janie Bynum
Odette's Secrets, A Holocaust Story by Maryann Macdonald
Okay for Now
by Gary Schmidt
Old People, Frogs, and Albert by Nancy Hope Wilson 
On Meadowview Street by Henry Cole (PB, K-3)
On the Wings of Heroes by Richard Peck (3-8)
The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate 2013 Newbery Medal
One Came Home by Amy Timberlake 2014 Newbery Honor
One Child, One Seed by Kathryn Cave
One Cool Friend by Toni Buzzeo & David Small Caldecott Honor Book 2013
One-Handed Catch by Mary Jane Auch (3-6)
One Potato, Two Potato by Cynthia DeFelice
(3+) Texas Bluebonnet Award Winner
The Strange Case of the Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger (5-8)
Out of My Mind
by Sharon Draper (3-12)
Outside and Inside Mummies by Sandra Markle (3+)
Pale Male: Citizen Hawk of New York City
by Janet Schulman (3+)
Paperboy by Vince Vawter (2014 Newbery Honor Book) (4+)
A Paradise Called Texas
by Janice Shefelman
Passage to Freedom:  The Sugihara Story by Ken Mochizuki
(PB, 3+)
The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall
The Penderwicks on Gardam Street by Jeanne Birdsall (3-7)
The Perfect Nest by Katherine Friend (K-3)
A Perfect Square by Michael Hall (PB, K-3)
The Perfect Wizard, Hans Christian Andersen by Jane Yolen (3+)
Phineas Gage, A Gruesome but True Story about Brain Science by John Fleischman
Pick, Pull, Snap: Where a Flower Once Bloomed (K-3) by Lola M. Schaefer
Pieces: A Year in Poems & Quilts
by Anna Grossnickle Hines
(PB, 2-3)

Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco
(PB, 2-3) Unit included in Literature Based Learning $10.00 for Buy these 20 units now!

Piper Reed: Navy Brat by Kimberly Willis Holt (3-4)

Pirates by David Harrison (PB, 3+)
Platypus Police Squad, The Frog Who Croaked by Jarrett J. Krosoczka (3-6)
Play, Louis, Play: True Story of a Boy and His Horn by Muriel Harris Weinstein (EC, 3+)
Pompeii: Lost and Found by Mary Pope Osborne (3+)
by Avi

Postcards from Camp by Simms Taback (3-5)
Pickle, The (Formerly) Anonymous PRANK CLUB of Fountain Point Middle School by Kim Baker
The Pot that Jack Built
by Nancy Andrews-Goebel
(PB, 2-3)
The Princess and the Pea by Pamela Duncan Edwards (PB, K-3)
The Princess and the Pig by Jonathan Emmett (PB, K-3)
Project Mulberry by Linda Sue Park (3-6)
Radio Rescue by Lynne Barasch
(PB, 2-4)
The Raft by Jim LaMarche (PB, 1-3)
A Rain Forest ABC
by Amanda Doering (PBK-3)
Rain School
by James Rumsford (PB, K-5)
Rrralph by Lois Ehler (PB, K-3)
Reasons for Seasons by Gail Gibbons (PB, K-5)

Regular Guy
by Sara Weeks
The Riches of Osceola McCarty by Evelyn Coleman
Riding Freedom by Pam Munoz Ryan
The Right Word, Roget and His Thesaurus by Jen Bryant and Melissa Sweet (2015 Caldecott Honor)
Rio Grande: From the Rocky Mountains to the Gulf of Mexico (PB, 3+)
Roadwork by Sally Sutton (K-3)
Rocket Writes a Story by Tad HIlls(1-3)
Rope Burn
by Jan Siebold (3-6)
Roxie and the Hooligans by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (3-5)
Rudy Rides the Rails, A Depression Era Story
by Dandi Mackall (PB, 3+)
Rump: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin by Liesl Shurtliff (3+)
Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter by Diane Stanley 
(PB, 3-6)
Runaway Radish by Jessie Haas (2-3)
The Runaway Tortilla by Eric A. Kimmel (In our Kids Wings Collection of 4 Mexican Folktale spin-offs with Seniorita Gordita)

Ruth and the Green Book by Calvin Alexander Ramsey (3+)
Saving Lucas Biggs (4-8) by Marisa de los Santos & David Teague (5-8)
Savvy by Ingrid Law (4-8) Newbery Honor 2009
Sailing for Gold
by Deborah Hopkinson (3-4)

Sand and Fog: Adventures of South Africa by Marianna Mayer
(PB, 3+) Available in Literature Based Learning only.
Saving Sweetness (plus 5 other tall tale picture books) by Diane Stanley

Scarlette Beane by Karen Wallace (K-3)
Scarum Fair
by Jessica Swaim
(PB, 3+)
The School Story by Andrew Clements (3-6)
Seadogs: An Epic Ocean Operetta by Lisa Wheeler (PB, 2-4)
Search for Shadowman by Joan Lowery Nixon
A Season of Comebacks by Kathy Mackel
, $4.95 12 pages includes an excellent pronoun unit. Click Here to buy the unit.

The Secret Keepers by Trenton Lee Stewart
Seesaw Girl by Linda Sue Park
Selavi by Youme (PB, 1-3)
Senorita Gordita (In our Kids Wings collection of 4 Mexican Folktale Spinoffs)

The Shadows by Jacqueline West (3-6)
Shape Changer by Bill Brittain (4-7)
Sharks by Seymour Simon
(PB, 2+) Unit in Literature Based Learning
The Sherlock Files, The 100-Year-Old Secret by Tracy Barrett (3-4)
Shelter Dogs by Peg Kehret
(Short Stories, 3+)
Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Shoeless Joe & Black Betsy by Phil Bildner (PB, 3+)  

The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare, Newbery Medal (3+)
Silk Umbrellas by Carolyn Marsden (3-6)
A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park, 2002 Newbery Medal
The Silver Balloon by Susan Bonners
Silver Seeds by Paul Paolilli and Dan Brewer (K-5)
A Short Walk Around the Pyramids by Phillip M. Isaacson (PB, 3-8) Literature Guide in Bluebonnet Celebrations
Sixteen Cows by Lisa Wheeler (PB, 1-3)
Sixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds: The Sammy Lee Story by Paula Yoo
(PB, 3-6)
Skylark by Patricia Machlan
(3-6) in PAIRED download with The Year of Miss Agnes IN 6 CLUSTER UNITS FOR $12.95

Sky Pioneer:  Amelia Earhart by Corinne Szabo
(PB, 3+) PRICE
Sleep Like a Tiger by Mary Logue, illustrated by Pamela Zagarenski (PK-2) Caldecott Honor Book 2013

Slugs in Love by Susan Pearson (K-3)

Small Steps, An Autobiography by Peg Kehret
(3+) $14.95 with two other Peg Kehret Books, The Ghost's Grave and Earthquake Terror
Smokejumpers by Elaine Landau (PB, 3-6)
Smoky Night
by Eve Bunting
(PB, 3+) Click Here to order the book
The Snake Scientist by Sy Montgomery
(PB, 3+) LINK WITH Other Snakes
Sneaky, Spinning Baby Spiders by Sandra Markle (PB, 3-5)
Soar by Joan Bauer (4-8)
So B. It: A Novel by Sarah Weeks
(PB, 6+)
So You Want to Be President by Judith St. George (PB, 1-6)
Someone Named Eva by Joan Wolf (4-8)
Song of the Night by by Katherine Riley Nakamura (PK-2)
Sparrow Girl by Sarah Pennypacker (PB, 2-8)
Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton (PB, K-3)
Splendors and Glooms
by Laura Amy Schlitz (5-12) (Newbery Honor)
SPY! by Anna Myers (5+)
SPY CAMP by Stuart Gibbs (4-8)

Squirrel's World by Lisa Moser (PB, EC, 2-4)
The SOS File
by Betsy Byars (Short Stories, 3+) 

Stand Tall, Abe Lincoln by Judith St. George
Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell
Starry Safari by Linda Ashman (PB, K-3)
Step Gently Out
by Helen Frost (K-3)
The Strange Case of the Origami Yoda by Tony Angleberger (5-8)

The Storm in the Barn by Matt Phelan (4-8)
A Story for Bear Dennis Haseley (PK-2)

Free Stranded at Plimoth Plantation, 1626
by Gary Bowen
(PB, 3+) Right Click Here to download our free literature guide

Download 4 Baseball Stories for $7.95:
A Strong Right Arm: Story of Mamie "Peanut" Johnson by M.Y. Green PLUS Honus and Me by Dan Gutman,
Shoeless Joe and Me by Dan Gutman, Home Run by Robert Burleigh, and The Luckiest Man: Lou Gehrig by Adler 

Summer of the Monkeys by Wilson Rawls (3+) $12.95 relink
Sure as Sunrise: Bruh Rabbit by Alice McGill (Short Stories, PB, 3+) Resubmit Sure as Sunrise
Surfer of the Century by Ellie Crowe (PB, 4-8) Relink Wilma Rudolph, etc
Surprises According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney (2-3) songs included
Surviving Antarctica by Andrea White (4+) check links

FOUR tall tales and one nonfiction: Swamp Angel (Caldecott Honor Book) by Ann Isaacs PLUS Comes a Wind, The Toughest Cowboy, Saving Sweetness , Boss of the Plains all for $9.95

Sweet Corn Poetry by James Stevenson
(PB, 3-5) in Character Connections $10 for all 20 units! Resubmit

Swirl By Swirl: Spirals In Nature Joyce Sidman (2-12) relink for the collection
That Book Woman
by Heather Hinson relink with download buy

The Sweetest Fig by Chris Van Allsburg
(tall tale) by Chris Van Allsburg (PB, 3-4) Click Here to purchase and download

The Tarantula Scientist
by Sy Montgomery (PB, 3+)
The Tale of Despereaux by Kate Dicamillo
2003 Newbery Medal (3-6)
Tall Tales by Karen Day (3-8) Language Alert!
Tales of the Homeplace
by Harriet Burandt 
Tap Dancing on the Roof by Linda Sue Park (PB, 3-6)
Team Moon: ... Apollo 11 ... on the Moon by Catherine Thimmesh (4+)
10 Rules You Absolutely Must Not Break Survive the School Bus by John Grandits

There's an Owl in the Shower by Jean Craighead George (3+) Buy the Kids Wings Guide

The Tarantula in My Purse & 172 Other Wild Pets by Jean Craighead George Buy the Kids Wings Guide
check links

The Thing About Georgie
by Lisa Graff (3-4)
This is Just to Say by Joyce Sidman (4-5)
This is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen (K-3) Caldecott Medal 2013
Thomas Edison, A Brilliant Inventor
by Editors of TIME for Kids (EC, 3-6)
The Three NInja Pigs by Cory Rosen Schwartz (PB, K-3)
The Three Pigs by David Wiesner
The White Elephant by Sid Fleischman

The Wolf Who Cried Boy
by Bob Hartman (1-3)
Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage (4-7) 2013 Newbery Honor Book
Through My Eyes
by Ruby Bridges
(PB, 3+)
Thunder Birds
by Jim Arnosky (3+)
Thunder from the Sea by Joan Hiatt Harlow (3-8)
The Thirteenth Floor by Sid Fleischman
Time for Andrew by Mary Downing Hahn
(time travel mystery) $5.95 Click here to download Time for Andrew or pay $10 for the Bluebonnet Celebrations Collection containing this and 19 other literature guides for award-winning books.

Titanicat by Marty Crisp (3-5)
Toasting Marshmallows: Camping Poems by Kristine O'Connell George (PB, 3-6)
Toby & the Phantoms of the Fourth Grade by Art Wallace (3-4)
Togo by Robert J. Blake (PB, 3-6)
Tomas and the Library Lady by Pat Mora  (PB, 3-4)
Top of the World:  Climbing Mount Everest by Steve Jenkins
(PB, 3+)
Toby and the Phantoms of the Fourth Grade by Art Wallace
Tornado by Betsy Byars (EC, 2-3) Buy the literature guide
The Toughest Cowboy by John Frank
(PB, 2-5)
Toys Go Out by Emily Jenkins (PB, 2-4)
Trantula in my Purse, an Autobiography by Jean Craighead George
The Last Treasure by Janet S. Anderson
Our Tree Named Steve by Alan Zweibel
(PB, 1-4)
Tua and the Elephant by R. P. Harris (3-6)
Turn of the Century by Ellen Jackson  (PB, 3+)
Turtle in Paradise by Jennifer L. Holm
2011 Newbery Honor Book(3-8)
Two-Minute Drill by Mike Lupica (3-6)
Umbrella Summer by Lisa Graff (3-6)
The Uglified Ducky by Willie Claflin (PB, 2+)
Uncle Daney's Way by Jessie Hass
Uncle Jed's Barbershop by Margaree King Mitchell (PB, 1-3)
Under the Mambo Moon by Julia Durango (3-6)
The Upside Down Boy 
by Juan Felipe Hererra (PB, 1-3)
Download the unit, Utterly Yours, Booker Jones by Betsy Duffey

Verdi by Janell Cannon
(PB, 1-4)
A Very Hairy Bear by Alice Schertle (K-3)
A Visitor for Bear by Karma Wilson (K-3)
Vulture View by April Sayre, illustrated by Steve Jenkins
The Wainscott Weasel by Tor Seidler $5 Click to purchase for $5 and receive an instant download or purchase Bluebonnet Celebrations for $10 for 20 units!

Waiting for the Magic by Patricia MacLachlan (3-6)
Waking Beauty by Leah Wilcox (K-4)
Walking to the Bus-Rider Blues by Harriette Gillem Robinet
(5+) Language Alert
Walls Within Walls by Maureen Sherry (3-8)
The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley (4-12) 2016 Newbery Honor Book
Watch Out for Clever Women
(English/Spanish) by Joe Hayes
(Short Stories, 3-5)

Water Buffalo Days by Quang Nhuong Huynh (3+) Book: Water Buffalo Days, Literature Guide in Tales for Two Centuries

Way Down Deep by Ruth White (3-4)
We Are the Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball
by Kadir Nelson (5+)
A Weave of Words
by Robert D. San Souci 
(PB, 4-5) Literature Guide in Tales for Two Centuries

Weedflower by Cynthia Kadohata (4-8)
Weiner Wolf
by Jeff Crosby (K-3)
The Well: David's Story
by Mildred D. Taylor
(PB, 6+... language alert)
Whatever After: Fairest of All by Sarah Mlynowski (3-6)
What You Never Knew About Beds, Bedrooms, and Pajamas by Patricia Lauber (PB, 2-5)
Whatever After: Fairest of All by Sarah Mlynowski (3-6)
When Birds Could Talk & Bats Could Sing
(Short Stories, PB, 3-6)

When Birds Could Talk and Bats Could Sing by Virginia Hamilton with Kids Wings units for Sure as Sunrise: Bruh Rabbit and His Walkin' Talkin' Friends, When Birds Could Talk and Bats Could Sing for $12.95

When Marian Sang by Pam Munoz Ryan
(PB, 3+)
When the Moon is High by Alice Schertle (PB, 3+)
When Zachary Beaver Came to Town by Kimberly Wilis Holt
When Willard Met Babe Ruth by Donald Hall
(PB, 3) in Character Connections
Where Fireflies Dance by Lucha Corpi
(PB, 1-3)
Where I'd Like to Be by Frances O'Roark Dowell (PB, 3)
Where I Live by Eileen Spinelli (3-4)
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
by Grace Lin (2010 Newbery Honor Book) (3-8)
The White Elephant by Sid Fleischman (3-5)
White is for Blueberry
by George Shannon
(PB, 1-3)
Who Stole Halloween? by Martha Freeman (3-5)
by Elizabeth Starr Hill (3-4)
Wild Times at the Bed and Biscuit by Joan Carris (3-6)
Wingwalker by Rosemary Wells. Brian Selznick, Illustrator
(EC 3-4)
William Shakespeare and the Globe by Aliki 
(PB, 3+)
Wilma Unlimited by Kathleel Krull (with Hero of Bremen and Lou Gehrig) 3 Literature Guides are $7.95 (Also in Character Connections)

Willow by Denise Brennan-Nelson (In the Kids Wings Collection of 4 Art Books)

The Winner's Walk by Nancy Ruth Patterson (3-4)
Wishes, Kisses, and Pigs
by Betsy Hearne (3)
The Witch's Guide to Cooking with Children by Keith McGowan (3-6)

Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk (6+) 2017 Newbery Honor Book
Wonder by R. J. Palacio (3-8)
Wonder Struck by Brian Selznick (4-9)
Won Ton, A Cat Tale Told in Haiku by Lee Wardlaw (PB, K-5)
Woods Runner
by Gary Paulsen (5-12)
The Year of the Book by Andrea Cheng, Illustrated by Abigail Halpin (2-4)
The Year of Miss Agnes by Kirkpatrick Hill 
The Year of Billy Miller by Kevin Henkes  (2-3) (2014 Newbery Honor Book)
The Year of the Dog by Grace Lin (3-5)
The Yellow Star: The Legend of King Christian X of Denmark
by Carmen Agra Deedy
(PB, 3+)
¡Yum! ¡MmMm! ¡Qué Rico!: America’s Sproutings by Pat Mora (PB, 3-5)

Zane and the Hurricane by Rodman Philbrick (3-8)

Zita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke (Graphic Novel, 3-5)

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