The Worm's Little House Song

En esta casa, roja, roja, roja 
En esta casa roja, vivo yo! 
En esta manzanita, manzanita, 
En esta manzanita, vivo yo! 
Tiene una chiminea, chiminea, chiminea, 
Tiene una chiminea, color cafe, 
Ya se que es muy bonita, mi casita 
Ya se que es muy bonita, ya lo se. 

In this red house, house, house,
In this red house is where I live!
In this apple, apple, apple,
In this apple's where I live!
It has a little chimney, chimney, chimney,
It has a little chimney, colored brown.
I'll say it's very pretty, 
My little house.
I'll say it's very pretty, yes it is!

The song and music will take a few moments to load. Please be patient.

Add actions to make the song even more fun:

Manzanita-- make two hands form an apple with thumbs on top.

Chiminea--point index finger upward away from the roof.

Bonita--put hands to frame your smiling face.

Ya lo se--nod yes,

We apologize for mispronouncing several of the words in the song
and encourage you to sing it correctly!