Leila N. Jackson
February 5, 1913-May 26, 2006

Suzy's mom and doggie sister (Shadow) made a bookworm for every participant in Suzy's workshops from 1990-2005! Our best guess of over 10,000.

On May 26, 2006, the Lord called her home. She was 93 years old. Mom's Life Notice

How to Make Crocheted Bookworms


Chain 20.

Turn 4 dc in second chain.

6 dc in each of next 7 stitches.

(If using heavier thread--5 dc in each)

4 dc in next stitch.

1 sc in the same stitch with the 4dc.

Go back one stitch and 1 sc to tuck the tail.

(There will be a remainder of the original chain.)

Chain 30 and close off.

Add Pom Pom at the end of this chain.

Pull remainder of the beginning chain through the center of the worm and out of the top of the worm.

Trim off. 

Add 2 wiggle eyes and felt tongue. 




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