The Red Family Album 

Trevor & Lauren McGee, Paul & Terri McGee, Emily Speed & Trenton McGee

We are so proud of Rosie Red!

Rosie Red, Outstanding Freshman in Chemistry at Union University, 5.4.18

Trenton and Emily

15-year-old ace pitcher, Charlie Red training for the BIG LEAGUES in a couple of years

Chuck has two grandchildren! Katie and Zac Pebley's little baby boy born early in 2018 and now ...
Molly and EJ Roe shared their newborn Emily Joy Roe with Chuck (Pop) on 1.3.18!
Charlie and Suzy now have two great-grand children!

2-year-old Jacob

Jake on a Beach Walk - A Video
December, 2014

We are celebrating Jake's health and remarkable recovery from epilepsy! Jake started epileptic seizures when he turned 2 years old. They contintued to get worse and more frequent. Lisa and Chuck (Jake's parents and our kids) took Jacob to doctors and research hospitals. The medicines just sent him into decline and did not stop the seizures. So they began to research the Internet to see if there was anything that could help. In January, 2014, 3 1/2-year-old Jake was having multiple seizures in the same day.

That's when they found reports documenting the successful
use of gluten-free diet and Frankincense oil applied to the soles of his feet every night. Jake has been seizure-free since then and is back to his happy, intelligent, social self. We thank God that the gift brought to His Son as a tiny baby in a manger in Bethlehem held the healing power that we all had been praying for. Thank you for continuing to keep Jake in your prayers. Update 12/13/16: Jake is having trouble again. Please pray for him. Update 3/18/2018: Jake is once again doing well as he starts a new med for his epilepsy!

Chuck's and Lisa's Boys: Reagan, Charlie, and Jacob, 2/16/14

Chuck and Lisa's Girls: Molly, Rosie, and Katie, 6/5/14

Rosie Red, 2014 Softball Star and Ready for the Prom

Terri's Trenton McGee All-State-Receiver, 2013

Flying Touchdown!

Terri's Family Loves Sports!

Chuck's Family on the Beach 2014

Trevor is named Athlete of the Year at Hallettsville High School! Trenton is a freshman letterman! 2012

Rosie is named
MVP Defensive Player
of her JV Softball Team, 2012

Trevor is Prom King with His Prom Queens!

12-year-old Rosie pitches and plays 3rd base on the high school softball team! Spring 2012!

Trenton aced Bible Drill! 4/1/12

Industrial Tournament Champs 12.11--Trevor is MVP! Trenton is SUPER, TOO, a freshman on Varsity!
It was his destiny and God's blessing:

Trevor was named to the 1st Team, Texas All-State Basketball team!
March 2012

Way to Go, Trevor!


Trevor was named MVP of the District All-Star Game, March, 2012:

Jacob Foster 12/11/11

Jacob Foster Red! Born July 9, 2010
Jake is the son of Chuck and Lisa Red, baby brother of Reagan, Charlie, Rosie, Katie and Molly,
and cousin of Trenton and Trevor.
Charlie and Suzy Red are proud grandparents!

Rosie and Trevor

Yea, Charlie! You Won Again!

Regional Football Champs! Trevor was named All-District, All-Regional, and All-State!

6'4" Trevor is Homecoming King 2011
Engaged in 2017!

This was a great year for puppies and kids!

8th Grade District Winners in TENNIS! Trenton on far right.

Trevor and Lauren at the Junior/Senior Prom! Terri is dwarfed by her sons, Trevor and Trenton, Glorietta, 2010

Welcome Reagan Thomas Red!

Behold children are a heritage from the Lord... like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one's youth.  Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them. 
Psalm 127:3-5

Terri and Paul's TNT: Here's Trenton in 7th grade and Trenton witn Terri, Dec. 2008

Here's Trevor
Trevor was elected Freshman Homecoming King as a freshman!
As a sophomore, he was on the Hallettsville BB team that won district in 2010.

Chuck's Superstars


Thanksgiving with Chuck's family, 2008

Chuck & Lisa's Kids
Charlie, Rosie, Katie, Molly, and Reagan

We love our Colorado get-aways!

Life is a walk in the park with our Toy American Eskimos.

Trenton's Website

Christmas 2004

Terri, Paul, and their boys, TnT (Trevor and Trenton), Christmas 2004

Terri's Family

Dede and Trenton
A Tribute to Dede

Rosie and Uncle Paul

Molly loves horses!

Trevor's Website

  Steps to Success

Charlie and Suzy with  Kodiak and Kiska.  Charlie was principal of Lockhart High School.  After having spent a hundred years as teacher and language arts and social studies coordinator of Lockhart I.S.D., Suzy is now getting to play in her own business, writing and consulting for Kids' Wings. And Charlie leads the way!

If you live to be a hundred, 

I want to live to be a hundred 

minus one day, so I never have 

to live without you.

Winnie the Pooh

Little Bit learned to sit up by herself.

Kiska was a proud stepmom for her kitten.


Opa, baby, being baby sat on...

Charlie and son Chuck

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Suzy's Mom, Leila Crowell Jackson or Dede, and her sidekick, Shadow,

crocheted bookworms for Suzy's workshop participants.

Shortly before Mom's death in May 2006 she visited with Tom's daughter.

Chuck delivered the Veteran's Day Address in the Valley in 2001 where Uncle Mike many of the Crowells came.

Suzy's brother, Tom Crowell, is greatly missed by family and friends.

Suzy with her mom (left) and Aunt Elaine (right)The Crowell Cousins:  Suzy, Foster, Cavitt, Kay, and Nan

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