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Why Literature Studies Click with Kids

Suzy Red is the creator of Kids' Wings.  She holds a Master's Degree in Education with Kindergarten Certification.  She has taught all grades, headed her school district's language curriculum, and pioneered the creation of interdisciplinary literature guides that are used enthusiastically all over the world.

Real World Experience
As classroom teacher and curriculum specialist in the public schools for over 20 years, Suzy Red has developed her unique teaching techniques through experiences in the classroom.  She has always looked for the better way to inspire, motivate, and challenge young minds.  She believes in singing, doing logic puzzles, using hands to create, interactive discussion, and character above all.  At a time when drill-and-kill became the norm, dictated by standardized testing, she set out to prove that real life lessons through powerful literature and active techniques did more to prepare students for success than did the mindless torture of repetitive worksheets and multiple choice tests.   It was rare, indeed, for one of her students to score below 90 on any standardized test.  As UIL writing coach, her students consistently won top awards even in tough competition.  Their success and love of challenge proved her methods correct.   Enchanted by learning, they formed connections through authentic projects, to put their learning to practical use. 
Teacher Workshops
Suzy taught workshops on reading, writing, music, testing, and integrating the curriculum to educators throughout the state of Texas.  Her workshops provided creative, time-tested curriculum ideas presented with music, fun, and lots of interaction!  It was not unusual to hear participants comment that hers was the "best workshop I've ever attended" and that they could "hardly wait for school to start again" so they could put the fresh ideas to work.
Faith in God
At Kids' Wings we are concerned with the deterioriating condition of the character in our country.  Traditional values and standards are under attack by a few and foreshadow disintegrating ideals to our youngsters.   We pledge allegiance to ONE NATION UNDER GOD!  We carry money that states IN GOD WE TRUST!  Why, then, is His name so often treated as the enemy in our classrooms? Why are we more likely to hear His name used in cursing than in reverence?  When we waver in our allegiance and our trust, we weaken our country's foundation.  It is NOT illegal to say God's name in our classrooms; yet, that is the message our children are getting. If the character of our country's kids seems to be getting lost, someone is forgetting to give them direction! The main direction is UP.... We're doing it to ourselves! 
Suzy's Family

We are proud of our family and believe that families everywhere need to be celebrated!  So, come on in and see our family!

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Kids' Wings has created outstanding activities for each novel, units which provide the latest in integrated curriculum.