Literature-Based Learning


  Kids' Wings has created outstanding activities for each novel, units which provide the latest in integrated curriculum.


Literature Based Learning

Great Multi-Cultural Literature Units from every genre in 20 Award Winning Books!

When you see yawns and fiddling in your classroom, you'll know it's time to infuse some real fun and challenge into your day. Literature-Based Learning contains the lesson plans and worksheets that you will need to cause an enthusiasm-explosion in you day!

Units in Literature-Based Learning will replace dumbed-down lessons and literature with exciting full-length novels and fascinating picture books with well-developed characters and plots.

In Literature-Based Learning, your kids will experience creative lessons based on ten different stories which grew out the same prompt that was sent to famous authors in Birthday Surprises! They will work together to try to solve the mystery in the science fiction thriller, Shape Changer. They will compare their lives with the life of a boy who lived in comparing journals! Your students will howl with laughter at Swamp Angel's tall tale and will work together to learn more about the genre as well as literary devices that make it fun to read. Their friend will die in a bike accident in Mick Harte was Here, but together, they will find courage and healing as they get to know his sister. Pink and Say will introduce your children to the Civil War and will inspire them to research, compare, and report as they work through the unit that helps them extend their learning. In their fist encounter with concepts from King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, the unit on Merlin and the Dragons will inspire them to learn more about the King Arthur and Middle Ages. In the Beast Feast unit, kids will delight in animal poetry and will be excited about putting poetic literary devices to work in their own poems.

Activities include: 

  • logic and crossword puzzles, 
  • vocabulary study, 
  • journal writing, 
  • cross-curriculum problem solving, 
  • authentic assessments, 
  • research projects, 
  • writing prompts,
  • cooperative learning, 
  • excellent literary circle guide,
  • standardized test practice,

  • and much more!

    183 pages of activities based on the 1996-1997 Texas Bluebonnet Award BooksSM

    Grades 3-7 

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  Kids' Wings has created outstanding activities for each novel, units which provide the latest in integrated curriculum.