Come read the picture story of bread from seed to loaf! Then you will want to spring into action, baking your own bread.


The unit for Bread Comes to Life contains activities that include:

Organization of a Nonfiction Book
Rhyming Readers Theater: What Makes Bread Come to Life
Rhyming Readers Theater: Who Is Wearing White Gloves?
Crossword Puzzle: Growing Vocabulary
Do I Understand? Multiple-Choice Comprehension
Any Way You Slice It: Division
Diligence: Character Building
Time to Eat: A Logic Puzzle
Same or Different, A Venn Diagram
Bread, Bread, and More Bread--Rhyming Words
Wheat Is Neat: Identifying Patterns
Color it! Cut it! Paste It! Using Chronicalogic Order
Wheat Graph--Using an acre of land
Answer Page

Bread Comes to Life: A Garden of Wheat & a Loaf to Eat is available in our Kids Wings Springboards Collection of 40 literature guides for award-winning books.


The Kids Wings Unit for Bread Comes to Life is part of a collection of 40 units in Springboards for 2006. We guarantee you will LOVE the activities because YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE THEM!


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