Karate Hour
by Carol Nevius

In rhyme and photographs, Karate Hour shows you how kids learn Karate in their class! Kids in Karate learn exercises for their minds and bodies. They build character and have fun together. The belt colors show you how good you are! Would you like be in a Karate class?


Karate Hour is available in the Springboards Collection of 40 literature guides for award-winning books.

Internet Extensions

Carol Nevius's Biography
Illustrator, Bill Thomson

Levers and Wedges in the Human Body
Kidz World Karate

Literary Connections:

Winners never quit! by Mia Hamm
Baseball Hour by Carol Nevius
Building with Dad by Carol Nevius, Illustrated by Bill Thomson

The unit for Karate Hour in Springboards contains original activities that include: Guide to Non-Fiction
Readers Theater Scripts
Crossword Puzzle

Character Development
Math/Science Experiment
Three Multiple Choice Comprehension Pages
Writing Activity
Logic Puzzle

The Kids Wings Unit for Karate Hour is part of a collection of 40 units in Springboards for 2006. We guarantee you will LOVE the activities because YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE THEM!



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