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My Light
by Molly Bang


Where do we get our energy? Oil? Gas? Chocolate?

In this terrific science story, the sun tells its story of how all energy on earth comes from its light. It is a motivating springboard into the study of photosynthesis, energy, and sunlight.

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The Sun Tag Game: Cut out each card. Distribute randomly among your students. The student holding card # 1 reads his question. The one who has the answer reads her answer and then reads her question. It is a great review tool for mastery as well as a lot of interactive fun!

The Sun Song on YouTube Lyrics

Images of the Sun

Sun Facts

Here Comes the Sun
Build a Solar System
Solar Eclipse
The Legend of Icarus

My Light
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Thank you, Gitpicker Harry Todd (Music by a Gitpicker) for allowing us to use his version of You Are My Sunshine by Jimmie H. Davis and Charles Mitchell!

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