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Bebé Goes Shopping
by Susan Middleton Elya

Shopping with Bebé can be an adventure! Little hands pull pickles off of shelves, grab the corn, unwrap the cheese, and throw keys! Then Bebé decides to eat the list. Will Mamá ever get her shopping done?

You will enjoy this delightful Spanish-English shopping trip! It might even remind you of a trip to the store with your own family!

You may relate to this shopping trip!

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Oh, No, Gotta Go!
by Susan Middleton Elya

The family, la familia, is in the car when the little girl realizes that she has to go to the bathroom! Oh, No! She's got to go! But where can they find a bathroom, el baño, on Sunday? They look everywhere! No baño! "Hurry!" "!Rápido!" The little girl cries! Will they make it in time!

The wonderful rhyming text and Spanish-English will keep you hopping, too!

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