2007 2x2 Award

Nutmeg and Barley

A Budding Friendship
Janie Bynum

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Nutmeg and Barley,
A Budding Friendship

by Janie Bynum

Nutmeg, a squirrel, loves to listen to the forest music, to entertain, and to have fun with her friends. Her mouse neighbor, Barley prefers to work in his garden and be by himself. Will they ever become friends? When Barley gets sick, he discovers that maybe he needs a friend after all. Nutmeg discovers a secret that proves Barley had been a friend all the time.



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Nutmeg and Barley, A Budding Friendship

A Unit for Nutmeg and Barley, A Budding Friendship is a part of a collection of 42 units in Reading Seeds.

The 11-page Unit Contains:
Prereading Predictions

Discussion Cards
Crossword Puzzle
Readers’ Theater Script
Vocabulary Study
Character Page on Compassion
Multiple Choice Comprehension
Story Mapping
Math Graph
Logic Puzzle
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