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Mice and Beans
by Pam Munoz Ryan

Some strange things start happening as Rosa Maria prepares for her granddaughter's birthday party! It's a good thing some very clever mice live with her!

"Grandmother Rosa is preparing a birthday party for her grand daughter, Catalina. Like the room in her heart for loved ones, she has lots of room in her tiny house for the party. But this doesn't include MICE! The very mice that are in her way (she's always setting traps) are the very mice who help her when she forgets something important (to put candy in the pinata). The mice and Abuelita become friends! The text introduces Spanish vocabulary seamlessly as the party preparations proceed through a week. A fun little story full of love and rich, happy illustrations. Just try to read it only once, just try! More mice, more beans, a second helping, please? Although this story is about a birthday party, it would be a great choice for Cinco De Mayo as well in that it is so full of culture, art, and language." (An Amazon Review by Hawkmoon)


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Thumbnails of the Kids Wings unit:

Video Interview with the Author

Pioneer Recipes

Mexican Fun

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A Unit for Mice and Beans is in Tickles, Tricks, and Treasure  

Activities in the Kids Wings unit include:
Crossword Puzzle,
Readers Theater to dramatize and read together,
Understanding the Story with multiple choice,
Edit and Rewrite a thank you letter from the mice,
Rosa Maria's Song in a round (tune of "3 Blind Mice),
Venn Diagram Comparing Characters,
Spanish English Matching,
Mexican Family Math,
Prewrite a composition about KINDNESS together,
Repeated Reading Chart 

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