Butterfly, Butterfly: A Book of Colors
by Petr Horácek

Butterfly, Butterfly: A Book of Colors by Petr Horácek

A little girl sees a butterfly in a garden.
She playfully chases it.
But the next day, she can't find it.
Is she sad?
Why not?
She finds other, colorful things in the garden!

As you follow her through the book, you will love the special art that is hiding inside! A hologram background on the cover appears to let the butterfly and print float on air! Die-cut holes in pages reveal surprises! A beautiful pop-up at the end is a perfect conclusion. You will want to make your own pop-up butterfly when you are through!

For Pre-K and Kindergarten.

Internet Extensions:

Draw and Color with Uncle Fred
Colors and Reading Game

A 10-page Unit for
Butterfly, Butterfly is part of a collection of 50 units in Stepstone Stories
The Unit Contains:
Crossword Puzzle

Readers’ Theater Script
Math Activities
Multiple Choice Comprehension



Stepstone Stories
50 titles! 527 pages!

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With special thanks to Jack Siegel and his 3rd grade students at North Miami Elementary School in Miami, Florida, for allowing us to use their original song, "Butterfly, Butterfly" as our background music!


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