The Littlest Llama
by Jane Browning Buxton
illustrated by Jenny Cooper

The Littlest Llama
by Jane Browning Buxton

Little Llama lived in South America on the high altiplano. He just wanted to play, but all the grown-up llamas were busy. They had work to do, finding food and chewing their cud. What was Little Llama to do? How far would he go to find someone to play with? You'll be surprised to see the friend he finally finds!

As you read about Little Llama, you will find other South American animals in Jenny Cooper's illustrations!

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by Jane Browning Buxton

What is a llama?
Llama Facts
Working Llamas

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The Unit Contains:
Discussion Cards
Readers Theater Script
Checking Understanding
Little Llama and His Cousin, Logic Puzzle
Adding with Animals
My Favorite Game

Answer Keys

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