Vulture View
by April Sayre
illustrated by Steve Jenkins

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What do you know about vultures?

Why do vultures soar and glide through the air?
How do vultures use the temperature of the air to help them fly?
Why do we need vultures?
What kinds of food do vultures eat?
Could you eat what they eat?
Where do they sleep?

What would you like to know about vultures?

In Vulture View by April Sayre you will see Steve Jenkins's beautiful illustrations and learn about these interesting birds. The author's simple, rhyming text invites you to learn and discover more. In her end notes, the author's section "Get to Know Vultures" gives you a place to learn the answers to your questions about vultures! It is an important science book to have in every primary library.

Internet Connections for Vulture View by April Sayre
Author, April Sayre
Illustrator Steve Jenkins
What are vultures?

The Turkey Vulture
Turkey Vulture
The Food Cycle Song

Science Literature Connections

A 10-page Unit for
Vulture View by April Sayre is part of a collection of 52 units in Flying Higher

The Unit includes:
Readers' Theater Script
Discussion Cards

Checking for Understanding
Fact and Fun
Crossword Puzzle

Researching Vultures
A Letter About Vultures
Just for Fun
The Vulture Tree
Answer Keys

Here's a bird's eye view of the pages:


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