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Nic Bishop Spiders
by Nic Bishop

Scientist Nic Bishop loves spiders! He goes on expeditions in search of them! He even raises them at home! Now he is sharing what he has seen and learned from his eight-legged friends in a book he wrote!

Do you know how which spider is the biggest?
What can all spiders do that insects cannot do?
Do you think any spiders have wings?
How many parts does a spider's body have?
If you were a spider, how would you eat your prey?

Nic Bishop will tell you answers to these and other questions you might have about spiders. He answers you in his photographs and his story!

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Anatomy, Life Cycle, Species

Literary Connections:

Nic Bishop Frogs
The Tarantula Scientist
Spiders and Their Websites
Spider TAG
Each student gets a card with an answer and a question.  The student with question Card #1 asks the question.  The student with the answer to that question stands, reads the answer, and asks his question.  The answer to the last question is on Card #1.
Answers in Spiders and Their Websites


The 19-page Kids' Wings Unit for Nic Bishop Spiders includes:
Getting Ready to Read Nonfiction
Readers' Theater
Crossword Puzzle
Discussion Cards
Multiple Choice Comprehension
Spider Research
My Spider Story
Editing and Revising a Letter to a Parent
Label the Spider Parts
Draw a Fictional Spider
Write a Letter to Nic Bishop
Bug Fun
Logic Puzzle
Answer Pages




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