Big, Bigger, Biggest!
by Nancy Coffelt

Big, Bigger, Biggest! brings you simple trios of creatures described with ADJECTIVES to introduce you to the "comparison of adjectives." Each creature explains how it compares to the other two. Each then gives synonyms to describe itself.

One group (positive degree) is small (petite, teensy).
The next group (comparative degree) is smaller (tiny, itty bitty).
The third group (superlative degree) is smallest (miniscule).







You'll learn lots of extravagant words like insatiable for hungriest and
for sleepiest.

If you look closely at many of the adjectives, you'll see that the -er and -est endings are clues to their meanings.

The pictures are clever.
The adjectives are cleverer.
The synonyms are the cleverest!

Simply adjectives!

In the Kids' Wings unit, you'll find a new idea for visual displays that make the learning even more fun!


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Big, Bigger, Biggest!
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An 8-page guide for Big, Bigger, Biggest! by by Nancy Coffelt is one of a collection of literature guides in Serendipity. Perfect for lesson planning for the introducing ADJECTIVES and the COMPARISON OF ADJECTIVES with handouts or projection on your SmartBoard!

The Kids' Wings Activities Include:
Adjectives Word Walls
Discussion Cards
Crossword Puzzle
Adjective Fun
Bigger Words Crossword Puzzle
Comparing Adjectives
Answer Keys

A special thanks to the talented Thom Proctor for allowing us
to use his original composition, "Happy," as our background music.


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