Houdini's mother left him when he was just tiny egg. Before she left, she whispered a blessing, "You will do amazing and magical things, Houdini."

As Houdini grew, he found himself in a classroom with an enthusiastic audience of kids, so naturally, he began to perform. And, yes, he did do amazing and magical things. Can you guess what they were?

Houdini the Amazing Caterpillar will make science come alive in your classroom, too. You will never forget the magical things he does ... not the least of them is to tell you his story in this delightful picture book!

When you order our Kids Wings Serendipity Collection, you will receive a spiral-bound book with CD, for 63 terrific books including the 14-pages of activities for Houdini The Amazing Caterpillar.
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Internet Extensions for Houdini, The Amazing Caterpillar

Author Janet Pedersen
Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Butterfly and Caterpillar Crafts
Stinging Caterpillars

The Butterfly Website

Why the Butterfly Died ( A lesson for parents and teachers)


Picture Books About Caterpillars and Butterflies

Clara Caterpillar by Pamala Duncan Edwards (When Clara's mother said goodbye to the egg that was Clara, she wished for Clara to be contented and courageous. This is the story of how Clara became both.) Available in a four-unit collection about bullying.

Insectlopedia by Douglas Florian (poetry)

Bob and Otto by Robert and Nick Bruell

Tadpole's Promise by Jeanne Willis

Project Mulberry by Linda Sue Park (Silk Worm Science Project) A Read-Aloud Chapter Book

A 14-page unit for Houdini, The Amazing Caterpillar by Janet Pedersen is one of a collection of literature guides in Serendipity. Perfect for lesson planning for the life stages of a butterfly with handouts or projection on your SmartBoard!

The Kids' Wings Activities Include:
Discussion Cards
Before and After Reading Guide
Life Cycles
Draw Me
Creative Corner
Checking Understanding/Multiple Choice
Math Magic
Classroom Pets
Math with Pictures from the Story
Answer Keys

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