Garbage Helps Our Garden Grow: A Compost Story
by Linda Glaser

Children in a family show how they use garbage to make compost. Starting with a box with wooden slat sides, they add leaves, leftover vegetables, and grass clippings. Layer after layer is sprayed with water and tossed. Soon little critters like worms help the compost to change and decay. Do they notice the heat coming from it? Soon, the soft, sweet smelling black soil is ready to hold plants that grow beautiful vegetables.

Beautiful photographs and short text desctiptions on each page will inspire others to use their garbage to help their garden grow.

The Kids Wings unit in the Discover Magic CD includes a beautiful gardening slide show extending children's understanding the the value of composting by Robert “Skip” Richter, County Extension Director, Travis County Texas AgriLife Extension Service. (The photograph in the header above is taken from this slide show.)
Composting for Kids
by County Extension Director, Robert "Skip" Richter


Garbage Helps Our Garden Grow: A Compost Story
containing 10 pages of fun, skill-building, and perfect for lesson planning is part of the Kids Wings Discover Magic collection. The activities can be printed for handouts or projected on your SmartBoard! After the last collection is sold, you can email us or call (512) 558-1121 to order.
Activities include:
Discussion Cards
Getting Ready to Read Nonfiction, Pretest
2-page Readers Theater Script
Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities
Crossword Puzzle
Fun with with Composting
Garbage Research
Answer Pages

PLUS "Composting for Kids" a slide show by Robert “Skip” Richter
County Extension Director - Travis County
Texas AgriLife Extension Service.

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