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How Rocket Learned to Read
by Tad Hills
Kids Wings Award Book

Rocket was a little dog who loved to frolic in the grass, play, chew sticks. and sleep contentedly beneath his favorite shade tree. The thought of reading never crossed his mind until a little birdy teacher landed in his tree and announced that school was about to start!

Rocket was a reluctant student at first until he started listening to the little bird's story of an unlucky dog named Buster who had lost his bone. He needed to know how the story ended. So, the little bird began to teach him how to read. How could she use what she had around them...the wind...a dog's growl...a worm?

As the little bird migrated in the fall, she reminded Rocket that words are made one letter at a time. All winter, Rocket practiced writing his letters in the snow and spelling words like D-I-G, S-U-N, C-O-L-D, and finally M-U-D. Can you guess what happened in the spring?

How Rocket Learns to Read is the perfect book for starting school in kindergarten and first grade!


53 Primary Literature Guides with How Rocket Learned to Read are now on sale in:


Internet Extensions for How Rocket Learned to Read:
Read, Write, Think
Learning about Inference
Language Arts Games and Reports
Repeated Readings
The Importance of Stories

Fun Stories that Rocket would like to read:
Interrupting Chicken
One Pup's Up
Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo
Bedtime at the Swamp
Karma Wilson's Bear Books
Garbage Makes Our Garden Grow
Starry Safari
Bridget’s Beret
Good Knight Tales
My Pony
A Splendid Friend Indeed
Nutmeg and Barley
Cork and Fuzz, Short and Tall
2010 Caldecott Winners

The Kids Wings activity guide for How Rocket Learned to Read provides fun and learning, perfect for lesson planning and printed handouts or for projection on your SmartBoard!
Activities (see screen shots below) include:
Discussion Cards
Before and After Reading Vocabulary, Prediction
2-page Readers Theater Script
2 pages, Multiple Choice Comprehension
Games with Rocket and his Friends, Logic Puzzle
Crossword Puzzle
Spell like Rocket
Birds and Books Challenges
First Things First Puzzle
Beginning, Middle, End
Draw It Math
Pipe Up Words (using pipe cleaners to teach reading)

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