You can purchase the Kids Wings Activities for Even Aliens Need Snacks in 15 pages of awesome activities. Only $6.95! Sharable within your school!
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Even Aliens Need Snacks
by Matthew McElligott
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I'm thinking about becoming a chef when I grow up. I love to cook! I am always inventing new recipes like an eggplant, mustard, and lemonade smoothie. Yummmmy! My sister thinks that most things I do are disgusting. But, that's okay.

I decided to open my own snack stand. I was sure I would have LOTS of customers. On the first day, it turned out that I didn't. Nobody came! I put up signs. No business. I put my smoothies on sale. No luck. So when it got dark, I came inside. You won't believe who I saw at my Snack Stand!


Some green aliens! Some aliens with antennas! Some had seven eyes! Some looked like giant insects! Some looked like worms. It was crazy! Did I finally have some customers? Would they like my turnip-side-down cake?

You will love Matthew McElligott's great picture book, Even Aliens Need Snacks! His story is funny and his pictures are hilarious. You may even be inspired to create your own recipe for some far-out foods!


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Even Aliens Need Snacks
by Matthew McElligott

Author and Illustrator Matthew McElligott

Draw and color aliens, spacecraft, and more
Step-by-step Drawing of a Space Alien


You can purchase the Kids Wings Activities for Even Aliens Need Snacks in 15 pages of awesome activities. Only $6.95! Sharable within your school!
Click Here to Purchase and Download

A 16-page literature guide, perfect for lesson plans, handouts, or projection on your electronic board for Even Aliens Need Snacks is part of the 2013 Literature Collection, Brain Boosting Books! (For Grades 2-4)

The Activity Guide Contains:
Pre-reading Discussion Cards
Out Of This World Snacks, A 2-page Readers Theater Play
Snacks for Aliens, A Crossword Puzzle
What Could I Do: Problems, Options, Consequences
Look Who Came for a Snack! Connect the Dots
Snack Signs, A Puzzle
More Recipes for Aliens, Word-Merge Puzzle
Getting the Idea
A Disgusting Acrostic, Writing Poetry
What's So Funny? Short Answer Explanations
A Letter to the Author: Edit and Rewrite
Answer Page

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