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Rocket Writes a Story
by Tad Hills
Kids Wings Award Book

No one ever loved books more than Rocket! And thanks to his teacher, the little yellow bird, Rocket had learned to read them himself.

He loved their smell.
He loved their pictures.
He loved their words.
He loved their descriptions.
Characters in the books became his friends.
Their problems became his problems.

Now, Rocket was ready to write his own story. The little yellow bird suggested that he fetch some new words, together they hung them on a splendid word tree. (Nouns! Prepositions! And conjunctions! But Rocket would learn about this in a later lesson.)

Next, the little bird suggested that Rocket go for a walk to find inspiration for his story. What interesting things do you think he found? Which of his senses invited him to investigate further? What advice did his teacher offer as he wrote? Who became his audience?

Rocket Writes a Story is the perfect book for introducing story writing in kindergarten and first grade!


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Internet Extensions for Rocket Writes a Story
Kids Wings Writing Room
Quote: The Importance of Stories
Read, Write, Think

Fun stories that Rocket would like to read:
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2010 Caldecott Winners

The 10-page Kids Wings activity guide for Rocket Writes a Story provides fun and learning, perfect for lesson planning and printed handouts or for projection on your SmartBoard!
Activities (see screen shots below) include:
Discussion Cards
2-page Readers Theater Script
2 pages, Multiple Choice Comprehension
Rocket Math
Crossword Puzzle
Rocket Research
Yellow Bird's Hints for Writing a Good Story
Choosing a Character
Choosing a Setting
Choosing the Action
Choosing Super Words
Your Word Tree
Answer Page


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