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4 Tad Hills Books

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Tad Hills Books!  How Rocket Learned to Read,  Duck and Goose, and  What's Up Duck
The 50-page Kids' Wings unit for four award-winning picture books by Tad Hills will enrich and extend your reading of this duck and goose fiction! They are perfect for teacher-led, paired, group, or whole class study.

Included are activities for How Rocket Learned to Read:

  • Discussion Cards,
  • Before and After Reading Vocabulary,
  • Prediction,
  • 2-page Readers Theater Script,
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension,
  • Games with Rocket and his Friends,
  • Logic Puzzle,
  • Crossword Puzzle,
  • Spell like Rocket,
  • Birds and Books Challenges,
  • First Things First,
  • Puzzle Beginning, Middle, End
  • Draw It Math
  • Pipe Up Words (using pipe cleaners to teach reading) And
  • Answer Page.

Activities in the Duck and Goose unit include:

  • Crossword Puzzle,
  • Dramatic Play,
  • Chapter Comprehension Questions,
  • Vocabulary Activities,
  • Discussion Cards,
  • Multiple Choice Comprehension,
  • Character Development: Cooperation,
  • Logic Puzzle,
  • Story Map, and
  • MORE! 

Activities included for What's Up Duck include:

  • Find the Opposites,
  • Goose Family,
  • Counting Ducks,
  • Group Time,
  • Answers


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