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African American Literature Units

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Award-winning African-American picture books!
Through My Eyes,
When Marian Sang,
Walking to the Bus Rider Blues,
Mister and Me
Kids' Wings literature guides for these four excellent historical picture books provides skill building activities for individuals, small literature groups, or your whole class. In the 35 activity pages, you will find book comparisons, a vocabulary activity, multiple choice comprehension pages, paired readings with a magazine article on "The Suzuki Method," research topics, crossword puzzles, journaling guides, predict/confirm chapter questions,

Included in the Activities are:

  • Alternatives and Consequences,
  • a challenging sentence game,
  • math,
  • science,
  • writing prompts,
  • "Hardships and Blessings,"
  • summary songs,
  • hearing voice in writing,
  • analyzing character,
  • a treasure hunt research project,
  • logic puzzle,
  • character development, and
  • "Heroes and Hecklers."

Whether you choose to use the activities as class lessons or as individual or group problem solving, your students will grow in the understanding of history, respect, fairness, and perseverance while building valuable skills.


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