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Ida B by Katherine Hannigan and Good Luck, Mrs. K!

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The 20-page Kids' Wings Unit for Ida B. will be the perfect student guide for literature groups!   Also included are 5 pages of activities for the perfect companion picture book, Good Luck, Mrs. K.  Cancer cannot break spirits of Ida B nor Mrs. K's students!  Your students will love the books, revel in the fun activities, and look forward to their next literatary adventure! 

20 Pages of activities in Ida B.  include:

  • an anticipation guide
  • and a vocabulary list with activities.
  • chapter questions are included for predict/read/confirm group practice.
  • Character Web,
  • Become an illustrator invites kids to turn text into visualizations.
  • a summary-song is begun with stanzas for the first four chapters. Your students will continue summarizing, writing, and singing Ida B.'s song.
  • Apostrophes and Commas provide skill practice embedded in the motivating story,
  • Letter writing
  • logic puzzle,
  • multiple choice comprehension,
  • editing and revision,
  • writing prompts, and
  • a crossword puzzle provide high level problem solving and group interaction.

 Also included are 5 pages of activities for a companion picture book, Good Luck, Mrs. K.


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