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Neville, Crafty Chloe, and Oddery

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Three Kids' Wings units for unusual kids struggling for acceptance, you'll find NEVILLE about a young boy who moves into a new neighborhood and designs a unique way to find friends. Also included is CRAFTY CHLOE an imaginative, creatively talented girl whose crafts open doors. The third book is ODDERY about a girl who has different ways of doing everything! The group includes 29 pages of activities that are perfect for paired, group, or whole class study for grades K-3. This Kids Wings units ignite mastery learning and provide lesson planning with handouts or projection on your electronic board!

The Literature Guides for NEVILLE and CRAFTY CHLOE include these activities:
Pre-reading Discussion Cards;
Readers Theater Script: Feelings for Neville;
Moving Math,
Building a Graph;
Friendly Math;
Do I Understand?
Questions Questions Questions;
Sound Science;
Neville's Feeling Words;
Alphabetical Vocabulary;
Growing My Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle;
Answer Page; Crafty Chloe includes: The Activity Guide Contains: Pre-reading Discussion Cards; Readers Theater Script; Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice Math;
Math: Reflections;
Crossword Puzzle: A Crafty Friend Puzzle;
Answer Page;

ODDERY includes:
Pre-Reading Discussion Cards;
Short Answer Questions;
What Would Oddery Do (a spinner activity);
Oddities (odd numbers);
A Readers Theater Script;


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