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Tea for Ruby and Fancy Nancy

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Two precious stories about little girls who like to dress up and in the process, learn some valuable lessons:  
Tea for Ruby and Fancy Nancy

Tea for Ruby is a perfect book for little girls who are having trouble learning different manners for different occasions.  Written by Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, Tea for Ruby presents the little girl's manners transforming into royal ones.  But will she be ready for the ultimate demand on her manners?  TEA WITH THE QUEEN!

Activities for Tea for Ruby include:

  • Prereading discussion cards
  • Two-page readers theater script that sets the stage for Ruby's transformation
  • Crossword Puzzle Tea
  • Do I Understand?  Multiple Choice and Drawing
  • Follow directions in Fun with the Queen
  • Tea Party for YOU!  Tea Party with the Queen
  • Manners for a Queen, discussion cards
  • Tea Numbers: Temperatures, Prices, Time
  • Hot or Cold Tea?
  • Teacher Ideas
  • Two Logic Puzzles: Going to Tea and Games with the King

Activities for Fancy Nancy include:

  • A Readers Theater Play
  • Pre-reading Discussion Cards
  • Picturing Fancy Language, Cut and Paste Matching
  • Do I Understand, Multiple Choice
  • Compare Books
  • Fancy Nancy's Calendar, A Logic Puzzle
  • Fancy Words:  The Thesaurus Song
  • Finding Fancy Words in a Thesaurus
  • Editing a Story, First Draft
  • Rewriting a Story, Final Draft
  • Encouragers, Who Are They?
  • Repeated Readings
  • Answer Key

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