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Hot Diggity Dog and Chocolate

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Two nonfiction picture books that will be fun and informative for your students!
Hot Diggity Dog presents the history of the hot dog from the creation of the sausage during the Roman Empire to modern times. Hot dogs and chocolate!
It doesn't get better than this!

The Kids Wings unit for Hot Diggity Dog includes:
Hot Dogs and More, A Vocabulary Game;
Pre- and Post-Reading Discussion Cards;
Your Predictions: Vocabulary:
Your Predictions: Fact or Fantasy?
Hot Dog Highlights: Hot Dog! A Puzzle!
Now Let's Hear from the Hot Dog: Exploring Point of View;
The Globe Theater!
A Research Report;
Thinking Beyond the Story;
Researching My Favorite Food;
Answer Page, 

Also included is Chocolate: Riches of the Rain Forest,  a picture book that traces the history of chocolate.


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