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The Sweetest Fig

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 The Sweetest Fig by Chris Van Allsburg is a magically dark tale of a grumpy French dentist, Monsieur Bibot, and his poor abused dog Marcel who live in Paris, France.  When the disgusting dentist is given a pair of magic figs as a form of payment by a poor patient, he, of course, was skeptical when he was told that the figs had the power to make dreams come true. After he ate the first one, he realized the treasure he had left.  What do you think will happen? This visually sophisticated picture book will become better with each reading as you explore all of its nuances. 

Activities include:

Word Web description of the delicious bite
Copyright Comes to Light
Mapping the Story
Says Who, A Story Writing Guide
Eiffel Tower Jeopardy
Crossing Paris, A Crossword Puzzle
The Sweetest Twist
What If?






The Sweetest Fig
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