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Step Gently Out, Silver Seeds, PickPullSnap, Scarlette Bean, and

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5 Nature Books with Plants, Insects, and Seeds: Step Gently Out, Silver Seeds, Pick Pull Snap, Scarlette Beane, and On Meadowview Street. The units include 42 pages of activities. These Kids Wings units are fun and inspire mastery learning and ease of use for teachers. They provide lesson planning with handouts or projection on your electronic board! The Literature Guides include activities such as: STEP GENTLY OUT; Readers Theater Script; Discussion Cards; Drawing from a Bug's Eye View; Who Am I Riddles; Measuring Paths; Animal Antics; Gentle Observations; Answer Pages; From SILVER SEEDS (Acrostic Poems, Introduction to Figurative Language): Crossword Puzzle; Readers Theater Script; Do I Understand; Seeds to Plants to Seeds MATH; My Acrostic Poem; Answer Page; Some from PICK PULL SNAP: Two Page Readers Theater; Crossword Puzzle; Apple Cycle Clock; Label Parts of a Flower; Multiple Choice Comprehension; Two Page Writing Lesson; Book Comparison; SCARLETTE BEANE: Crossword Puzzle; Scarlette Beane Song; Readers Theater--Simile Theme; Growing a Story; Vegetables Count; Writing Prompt--Doing Something Important; Answers; ON MEADOWVIEW STREET: Discussion Cards; Readers Theater Script; The Seed, A Song; Crossword Puzzle; 2 Pages, Checking Understanding; Insects Count Graph; Building a Pond; Fun with Bugs; Puzzling Plants; Caroline's Creation; Animals in a Meadow Research; Alphabetical Plants and Animals; Answer Keys


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